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IWC C2C Presents: The Issues of Modern Wrestlers & Fans

Holy Shit its been a while since we’ve posted anything. But since Mike is keeping the lights on, the least we can do is post something. Ed (Dumass to us here at Lethal) listened to Sami Calahan on Konnan’s “Keeping … Continue reading

Wrestlemania 34 Predictions

Well kids, its been awhile. I decided it was a good time to jump back into writing about wrestling so I made the terrible mistake of logging in and here we are. I took a HUGE break from watching wrestling … Continue reading

In Defense Of Bret Hart

When it comes to writing about wrestling here on the Internet, there is one man who is a more polarizing figure than even John Cena. That man is of course Triple H. You can always count on there being some … Continue reading

The WWE Network: Iceberg Dead Ahead Captain

Holy shit could it be even more content on the main page? Yes it seems for some reason we’ve upped our workrate around here so I figured I might as well contribute. Yes I know the Lethal women of rasslin … Continue reading

The Spiffiest SmackDown Recap on the Net

featuring guest writer: SPIFFY! I know Disco used to do some fresh news items to open these things, but fuck that. I’m the main event. I don’t need filler to get me over with the boys. The show opens with … Continue reading

The Lethal Entertainment Women Of Rasslin’ Tournament: Female Wrestlers

When most of us were growing up we all had a debate over who was the best. Well over on the Lethal Entertainment message boards we have been having such a discussion over who is the best. And by best, … Continue reading

Reefer Badness IX: No Holds Barred

The Doctor and I didn’t take very long in decided our next film.  We’d been thinking about it for some time, we just had to find the damn movie first, Gore-bless the Internet!  No Holds Barred was Hulk Hogan’s first … Continue reading