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Franchise Review: Slumber Party Massacre

I’m sure most of you horror nuts out there are aware that the slasher genre had it’s huge heyday back in the 80s. Having started to pick up steam in the late 70s, the horror audience was inundated with slasher … Continue reading

We’re Coming to Get You: Oh, What Do WE Think About the Nightmare on Elm Street Remake?

At least we’re a little more timely with this one.  After watching the remake (or re-imagining or redux or cashing in on a fad) that is A Nightmare on Elm Street, we raced to our cushy studio to tell everyone … Continue reading

The 2am Review: Uncle Sam

For some reason, up here in Canada we don’t have a themed horror movie about the anniversary of our “independence” (shut up, I’ve heard that joke before.)  But you know who does?  The Americans!  After exhausting Halloween, Christmas and Yom … Continue reading