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2am Review: Drop Dead Fred

Hot Phoebe Cates goes through a crisis that’s so bad she starts to see her childhood imaginary friend.  He’s not that imaginary because everything he does is really happening.  He’s more like a poltergeist, I guess.  What this movie starts … Continue reading

Reefer Badness X: Little Monsters

“Little Monsters” was a movie that I enjoyed a lot when I was a kid, though I’m not exactly sure why.  I mean, it’s full of monsters, both scary and funny, it had a funny premise and it starred Fred Savage … Continue reading

Reefer Badness IX: No Holds Barred

The Doctor and I didn’t take very long in decided our next film.  We’d been thinking about it for some time, we just had to find the damn movie first, Gore-bless the Internet!  No Holds Barred was Hulk Hogan’s first … Continue reading

2am Review: Bubba Ho-Tep

Bruce Campbell, King of the B Movie Actors, is known far and wide for playing the all-knowing idiot Ash from the Evil Dead series.   He seems perfect for the role given what he can do, but who knew he could … Continue reading

2am Review: Visitor Q

I’ve talked about many messed up movies over the years.  I’ll watch a movie and it has one scene that’ll be worth discussing because of how weird/violent/sexy it was.  It’s not too often that I can sit down and watch … Continue reading

2am Review: Head of the Family

It’s time for me to once again deep into the wretched depths of my old VHS horror movie collection and pull out a movie that you just can’t help but wonder at how awesome it is.  There’s really no other … Continue reading

Reefer Badness #8: Joe’s Apartment

Nobody likes cockroaches.  But what about a movie where the cockroaches can talk?  Even dance and sing?  It might sound like a Broadway hit, but I can tell you exactly what it is:  fodder for the RB Crew.  After getting … Continue reading

It Came from the Box #10: Documentaries?? WTF!

Yes, I guess there’s a certain obligation to have to teach you people something.  I feel I owe it to you for rotting your brains over some of the really stupid shit I love to write about.  However, I think … Continue reading

The 2am Review: Uncle Sam

For some reason, up here in Canada we don’t have a themed horror movie about the anniversary of our “independence” (shut up, I’ve heard that joke before.)  But you know who does?  The Americans!  After exhausting Halloween, Christmas and Yom … Continue reading

Reefer Badness #4: Moonwalker

Now that everyone’s favorite melty-faced pederast is dead, the entire media world is forgetting all the nasty things they used to say about Wacko Jacko (Dead-o Jacko just doesn’t sound right.)  Not us!  The good doctor found us a copy … Continue reading