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Reefer Badness #3: Street Fighter

The quirky cavalcade of fun continues as Dr. Huutrz and I explore the murky depths of the videogame-to-film translation known as Street Fighter.  Though there isn’t a single fight to be had in a street.  Oh Hollywood, you so crazy!

Reefer Badness #2: Superman 4

Every once and a while (weekly), a sequel is released.  Sometimes they’re good, most of the time they don’t live up to expectations.  Superman 4, THE QUEST FOR PEACE, doesn’t even live up to Superman 3 let alone the original.  … Continue reading

Reefer Badness #1: Evil Bong

Come on in and join myself and my partner in crime, Dr. Huutrz (try pronouncing that),we give you the first of a new series here on Lethal Entertainment.  If you like MST3K, and you should, hopefully you’ll enjoy our version … Continue reading