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LE Celebrates: The B Cup

Once again our fascination with the female form rears its head. The female breast is one of the finest creations in the universe. We have taken to worshiping what amounts to a blob of fat as if they were something … Continue reading

LE Celebrates: The Side Boob (NSFW)

Once again we find ourselves returning to the glorious female breast. That magical beacon of wonder and hope. The side boob, much like the underboob hints at the majesty beyond the cloth covering. What secrets could be lurking under there? … Continue reading

Megan Fox nude in Jennifer’s Body

Evan Rachel Wood nude in ID Magazine

I don’t even care that she fucked Marilyn Manson. Ok, I care a little.

Sunsets and underpants

I love a nice sunset. I love it even more when there is a nubile young lady willing to take off her pants.

Michelle Williams takes it from behind

I remember watching Michelle Williams on Dawson’s Creek and thinking “I bet she marries a guy who will win an Oscar after ODing”. Sometimes I really am like a prophet.

Marisa Tomei in The Wrestler

Marisa Tomei in the Wrestler

We’ve all heard about the Wrestler by now. mickey Rourke in what many are calling his finest performance to date. As wrestling fans we feel a connection to this movie becuase of its quality and high standards. As men we … Continue reading


It seems to take some kind of event to make me open up a word processor these days. I read and watch things every day that I want to write about but I never seem to get around to it. … Continue reading