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We’re Coming to Get You X: Todd Farmer on 3D, Remakes and more!

It’s been a while but we’re back!  We’ve spent the past while trying to schedule a guest for the show but schedules just didn’t work out so we went back to the drawing board and found another guest.  A guest … Continue reading

Thor Trailer – watch it while you can!

Hopefully the studio won’t yank this one down because it is awesome. I plan to spend the next couple of weeks sitting in a dark room watching this over and over until my hands are too chapped to function.

We’re Coming to Get You – The Horror Podcast

I guess it’s time to dust the cobwebs off this place, it’s been a while.  Bringing you something to new to Lethal Entertainment.  Not new to me, but if you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you, right?  A few … Continue reading

It Came from the Box #9: Hidden Gems of Horror

In tonight’s episode, I point out movies that you should see or that you may have passed on because you think you’ve seen everything.  Well, Mr. Fancypants, maybe you haven’t and you should give these a shot!  If you’re a … Continue reading

Reefer Badness #3: Street Fighter

The quirky cavalcade of fun continues as Dr. Huutrz and I explore the murky depths of the videogame-to-film translation known as Street Fighter.  Though there isn’t a single fight to be had in a street.  Oh Hollywood, you so crazy!