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Franchise Review: Slumber Party Massacre

I’m sure most of you horror nuts out there are aware that the slasher genre had it’s huge heyday back in the 80s. Having started to pick up steam in the late 70s, the horror audience was inundated with slasher … Continue reading

Machete Review

Grindhouse was such a great idea yet no one went to see it in theatres. They missed out on what could’ve been considered an “event,” which are few and far between these days. Not only did people miss out on … Continue reading

George A. Romero’s Survival of the Dead Review

I can certainly imagine that Night of the Living Dead has scared the crap out of people decades after it was released back in 1968. It was over twenty years ago that I woke up earlier than usual waiting for … Continue reading

Piranha 3D Review

Directed by Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes, Mirrors) Starring Elisabeth Shue, Steven R. McQueen, Jerry O’Connell, Ving Rhames, Kelly Brook After an underwater earthquake tears the ocean floor a new a-hole, a swarm of big, prehistoric eating machines get … Continue reading

Franchise Review: Tales from the Crypt

When a TV show gets spun into a movie, do you have horrible flashbacks to movies like Sgt. Bilko, the Flintstones, the Beverly Hillbillies?  Of course not, most people have common sense not to watch those, but they still get … Continue reading

We’re Coming to Get You XI: Invasion of the Gremlins Ripoffs

As it always happens when something gets popular, the imitators come out of the wood works.  Been happening for a very long time, Nosferatu is just Dracula with a different name and that came out in 1922!  More examples are … Continue reading

The Re-Animator Franchise

Back in 1985, Re-Animator was an ambitious, low budget film that was originally going to be a television series but director Stuart Gordon was told he should turn it into a movie because that’s where the money was at the … Continue reading

The Phantasm Series

If you haven’t seen it, Phantasm is one strange series. It’s unique, it’s original, and you better pay really close attention to what’s going on or else you’ll be easily confused by just what’s going on. The series follows Michael … Continue reading

It Came from the Box #9: Hidden Gems of Horror

In tonight’s episode, I point out movies that you should see or that you may have passed on because you think you’ve seen everything.  Well, Mr. Fancypants, maybe you haven’t and you should give these a shot!  If you’re a … Continue reading

It Came From the Box #6: Crazy Jap Horror Movies (Part 1)

This time I reach into the box and bring some culture and class to this place with a look at the finest Asian films…alright, I lied. I bring to you a sample of how fucked up OTHER countries can get. … Continue reading