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The Life and Times of Martha Washington

As far back as anyone can remember there have been stories about the underdog. From the biblical David and Goliath to the cinematic Rocky Balboa there has always been someone who fights against all the odds and all the nay … Continue reading

New Comics for 9/23/09

We’re going to discuss Spiders, Dark things and Guardians of the Galaxy. Also, look at Spider-Woman’s boobs. I think she had some work done.

Comics Shipping 7/22

Here we are again talking about funnybooks! Unless I get overly lazy every week I will post a list of the titles that will hit stores on Wednesday. This list is taken from my invoice so there will be some … Continue reading

Final Crisis #1 Remix

For anyone who actually read DC comics latest big event I’m sure you know what a gigantic clusterfuck it was. The story was nearly incomprehensible and required you to read a boat load of other books. This is a remix … Continue reading

Elephantmen V1: Wounded Animals

The idea of creating a human/animal hybrid is older than civilization. Ancient cultures saw their gods as some sort of amalgamation of man and beast and worshiped these monstrous deities for centuries before more refined humanized versions of these benevolent … Continue reading

Spider-Man One More Day

It’s finally here. The end of the storyline many people have been dreading since it was announced. Amazing Spider-Man #545, the final chapter of One More Day. I can’t remember my first Spidey comic but I do know i’ve been … Continue reading