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George A. Romero’s Survival of the Dead Review

I can certainly imagine that Night of the Living Dead has scared the crap out of people decades after it was released back in 1968. It was over twenty years ago that I woke up earlier than usual waiting for … Continue reading

We’re Coming to Get You XI: Invasion of the Gremlins Ripoffs

As it always happens when something gets popular, the imitators come out of the wood works.  Been happening for a very long time, Nosferatu is just Dracula with a different name and that came out in 1922!  More examples are … Continue reading

We’re Coming to Get You – The Horror Podcast

First off, apologies for not getting a show up for an entire month!  Life gets in the way sometimes but we’re back with a new show!  This time around, we focus on the quirky genre of first person horror.  These … Continue reading

The Phantasm Series

If you haven’t seen it, Phantasm is one strange series. It’s unique, it’s original, and you better pay really close attention to what’s going on or else you’ll be easily confused by just what’s going on. The series follows Michael … Continue reading