UFC 154: St. Pierre vs Condit, eh?

The Canadians get no NHL this year, so happily for them the UFC has created a Canadian card that should feature should Canadian victories. Remember Clearly Canadian? When you were a teenager did you ever hire a hobo to buy you liquor and thus you’ve had Canadian Club Whiskey? Very refreshing. Well tonight is be MMA refreshment for your brain. Before you watch, though, you may want to listen to JAV and I ramble about it. Who likes reading right? Better to listen on your phone on the way to the bar, or while you’re prepping the meats for your UFC watch party. (you know what I mean by that)

JAV aka Jay and his buddy Jesse have this lovely podcast they do, and sometimes I (Cruelty aka Chris) call in and talk some MMA with them. Check the links below for the UFC 154 preview edition:

Listen on BlogTalkRadio.com

or if you prefer

Download the MP3

You can also find it on Stitcher and iTunes by searching for “That Other Sports Show”. Enjoy the show, and enjoy the fights!

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UFC 153 – Bonnar Really Wants To Go Through With This? Feat. Cruelty

Sup folks, there’s a UFC PPV, so you know what time it is. This card is sneaky good with a lot of young talent. We may of lost a killer main event, and a potential awesome 205 fight, but WE GOT ANDERSON SILVA!! So let’s move forward, I’m italics, Cruelty isnt, LETS GO!!!

Cristiano Marcello over Reza Madadi – Round 1 Submission (RNC)
Ok this card is going to be rough in terms of writing previews, because these guys are “local talent” beyond the normal level of “local talent.” The local part is the part that’s beyond. They are VERY local. It’s like when you name an obscure band called “Brazilian fighters” of which people know like 5 that aren’t R-word Gracie, and these are NOT the five, these are deep cuts. Maybe we’ll see some new blossoming talent but usually Brazilians just fight like crazy people so we’ll hear Rogan say “WILD WINGING punches” a minimum of vinte e quarto times. Cristiano is very one dimensional bjj, but it’s pretty good bjj. Reza fancies himself a bit of a grappler himself, but I don’t think he’s at Cristiano’s level. I’m gonna out on a limb (on a tree of “who cares about this fight”) and say Cristiano straight-up taps him.

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UFC 152 – Because Greg Jackson and Bones Went And Fucked Up UFC 151 Feat. Cruelty

Sup folks? It’s early Friday, my phone is broke, and I’m hungover as fuck. So fuck the formalities, you’ve been reading us long enough to know the drill, que no? I’m italics, Cruelty isnt, there’s fights this week, we pick the winners starting NOW.

Charlie Brenneman over Kyle Noke – Round 3 JD
So Charlie Brenneman is gonna try to wrestle. Spoiler Alert? He pretty much just wrestles so he’ll try to wrestle. Kyle Noke is a good submission grappler but I’m never sure if he’s a good wrestler. Is this his first fight at 170? That’s another wildcard. Brenneman has surpisingly good bjj and I don’t complain about his constant tries for top position because I like that he works to advance position as well. He’s sudden with his shots and defends submissions well. Unless Noke is a monster at this new weight class I think Brenneman should be able to survive Noke’s attacks from guard, and win via top position.

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UFC 150 – It Could Be Worse? Feat. Cruelty

Sup putofaces, your boys have taken a break from being awesome and shit to hit you with that picks post. Now most of us would ASSUME that 150 would be a big deal, but it isnt. Rather then get on my soapbox and get all “OVERSATURATION OF THE SPORT” I’ll just kick you some of my supreme knowledge, with the great Cruelty, as always. I’m italics, he aint. LETS GO!!

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Lethal Music presents THE ANNOYING FUCKING 90’s — Hidden CD Track Hijinks

Two things off the bat, mouthbreathers.

1) Oh now we’re back to being LETHAL WRESTLING AGAIN?!? Well okay…wrestling fans listen to shitty music so this belongs here. Most of the readers here are in their 30’s and were a part of the least fun decade ever. (We in the 90’s didn’t have fun things like Woodstock, MTV when it ran music, or 9/11.) So it belongs here and fuck you.

2) I was going to put a “Part 1” in the title there…but a cursory Google search of Lethal’s archive will tell you that when this happens, there’s never a “Part 2.”

I have a feeling there will be many parts to this series, however. For one, I just recovered roughly 400 compact discs that were hidden in a closet…which is apt, as most of these CDs are from the 90s. Unlike gay people, however, these CDs probably should have just stayed in the fucking closet.

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What’s Going On? 1000th RAW Edition

A long time ago, on an internet far, far away, wrestling used to be cool. And watching wrestling was even cooler. Writing about wrestling? EVEN COOLER STILL.

Today, fresh off of watching a complete episode of RAW for the first time in 5+ years (1000 episodes and what not), I return to the haven of the depraved know as lethalwrestling and present for the enjoyment of approximately 4-6 people this very special edition of “What’s Going On?”

Shall we?

In this picture, Vince McMahon:

A. Points to Degeneration X making their grand entrance
B. Would like this dance


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UFC 149 Faber vs Barao: Do people buy short guy fights?

Sup folks, we’re back and giving you the old skool WRITTEN MATERIAL, because sometimes you deserve a podcast, sometimes you dont. We got a fun card, wiith a whacky main event, so rather then bitch about the lack of star power, and the fact that we just had the biggest PPV of the year TWO WEEKS AGO, LETS GO!! I’m italics, Cruelty isnt, do I still gotta explain that folks?

UFC 149

Anton Kuivanen over Mitch Clarke – Round 3 JD
Mitch Clarke is a generic working class wrestler and not UFC quality. Anton doesn’t look to have great takedown defense, and I know he has more submissions than KOs, but I think so poorly of Mitch that I figure Anton wins via sprawl n brawl. Anton moves OK and likes to let his hands go a little bit.

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The WWE Network: Iceberg Dead Ahead Captain

Holy shit could it be even more content on the main page? Yes it seems for some reason we’ve upped our workrate around here so I figured I might as well contribute. Yes I know the Lethal women of rasslin tournament fizzled (but come on it’s women’s wrestling…so who cares anyway). But despite being burned out on wrestling in general, I had to write something because behind the scenes the WWE with Vince McMahon at the helm might be driving their ship straight into an iceberg.

What iceberg could be so big that it could sink the WWE you ask?

The WWE Network; That’s what. We haven’t heard much about the WWE Network lately and well there’s a good reason for that. The little news there is not too good.

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One of my great life passions is professional wrestling. I have been lucky enough to live that passion for almost 14 years off and on and it has taken me across the country and given me the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the best workers in the business.

People often ask me how I got involved in professional wrestling. Like pretty much everything else in my life, I certainly did not take the traditional path. It started in around 1996. I was in high school and like a lot of people I had become enthralled with the WWF and the “Attitude” era of professional wrestling. I guess it really was the end of professional wrestling and the dawn of “sports entertainment” – but it was captivating programming for sure. I had always been a wrestling fan. I remember the day I stumbled upon the NWA during one of the “Clash of the Champions” broadcasts. It ended up being the legendary Flair/Sting matchup that smart marks still get erections for, so I got lucky and caught a good show.

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UFC 148: This Time JAV & Cruelty Talk In Your Earholes

The way Chael Sonnen has been cranking out sound bites, it only makes sense that we’d do this one audio style. In the link below you’ll find about an hour of MMA preview goodness, plus some of the usual nonsense banter you’ve come to know and love from us. All of this for free? Quote the Saturn “You’re welcome”

That Other Sports Show – UFC 148 Preview feat. Cruelty

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