Reefer Badness #1: Evil Bong

Come on in and join myself and my partner in crime, Dr. Huutrz (try pronouncing that),we give you the first of a new series here on Lethal Entertainment.  If you like MST3K, and you should, hopefully you’ll enjoy our version of it.  For your entertainment, we get well medicated and provide hi-larious commentary over films that probably need the help. 



Our first victim movie was chosen because it seemed so appropriate.  Maybe not right, but appropriate.  It’s one Full Moon Feature’s newest franchises and stars one of the world’s most adorable yet creepy pot smokers, Tommy Chong.  Of course I speak of the film, Evil Bong.



The film is about a group of stoners, and a nerd, who order a possessed bong in a High Times magazine in the hopes of getting a new, probably better, high.  Because you can’t get more stoned than sucking on the spectral trail of a spirit.  Unfortunately the bong really is possessed and starts stealing the souls of anyone who smokes from it.  The person finds themselves inside the world of the bong, which turns out to be a pretty good strip joint with high class strippers.  Who knew?  Once again, unfortunately, the poor sap getting the dance in the lap gets killed off by the strippers, or actually, their bras.  Monster Bras!  Now available at Full Moon’s store!  I’m serious!  If an evil soul-sucking bong, killer bras and quite possibly the worlds’ only mention of “the Dom Deluise Memorial Pogo Stick” is not enough to get you to watch this…well, go smoke a bowl and come back in 10 minutes, then you’ll totally want to watch it!

Please be gentle, it’s our first time trying this, it’ll get better.  I promise!

Evil Bong Part 1:

Evil Bong Part 2:

Evil Bong Part 3:

Evil Bong Part 4:

Evil Bong Part 5:

Evil Bong Part 6:

Evil Bong Part 7:


Hope you enjoyed, and stay tuned for a much better episode where we tackle the ungodly Superman 4:  The Quest for Peace.  Here’s a preview of it:

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