Fun with Forums!

Welcome gentlemen to another exciting edition of Fun with Forums! I would have welcomed ladies and gentlemen, but we all know that no woman will ever read this… or talk to you in real life.

Many of you know that I am a Mormon. Being a Mormon comes with certain responsibilities. I don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol or coffee, don’t cheat on my wife, etc. In all my 31 years, I actually have never done any of these things. I don’t feel that I have missed out on anything at all. These Mormonical rules are not difficult to adhere to in the least. Within the last year and a half, however, a new responsibility has become law in the Mormon world. That of putting up with Twilight fangirls. This is one with which I am struggling. My soul is wracked with torment. I want to be a good person and love my fellow man (or woman as the case may be), but at the same time I also want to punch anyone that has seen the Twilight movie square in the neck.

My wife is awesome. I think she may be the only Mormon woman on the planet that has not read the Twilight books or seen the abortion they call a movie. Nor does she have any desire to. I am a lucky man. I firmly believe that simply talking about buying Twilight on DVD is grounds for divorce. While my wife would never partake in such vampire obsession, she has friends that do not share in her awesomnisity. As a result, I hear things.

So when I heard about a website called, I had to check it out. Originally I just visited out of morbid curiosity. My curiosity quickly was replaced with nausea and revulsion. I foolishly thought that there couldn’t be that many people – grown women – that were obsessed with books about a vampire pedophile. I was wrong, wrong, wrong.

If there was anywhere I could point to as being the gateway to Hell, the forums would be said place. After my initial breakdown at the sheer volume of giddy fangirlishnessosity, I decided to do this Fun with Forums. I read through their approximately 2,358 subforums so you don’t have to. I hope you jerks appreciate what I do in the name of comedy.

Before we get started I just want to say one more thing. I have never read the books. I have never seen the movie. I have only read the forums. Having said that, I want to kick that Edward fella right in his testicles. I feel a great swell of pity for any man who’s wife reads this glorified Harlequin Romance and compares him to Edward. Seriously, stop.

For those who have never experienced a Fun with Forums before, it works like this: I scour the forum in question and copy down the funniest, most retarded, most bewildering comments and post them here. I make my own observations which I hope are funny (real hit and miss on some of them) and we are all a little more jaded for having gone through the experience. My words will be normal, while the words of the targets will be in yellow. Let’s get this party started, shall we? As always, none of these posts have been altered in any way.

We’ll start this thing with a note from the moderators of the forums. Even they know how embarrassing this Twilight love is. That should tell you something.
*NOTE: If you meet the membership requirements and are Registering, please remember to select the Before 06 Mar 1996 option regarding when you were born, or we will be forced to make you expose your obsession to your loved ones by making you turn in a Permission Slip with a parent or spouse’s signature on it!!!

Dracosmum‘s husband should seek professional help in dealing with his wife. A hitman, not a psychologist.
I thought I was losing my mind…I’d literally prop the book open so I could read and do the dishes or cook at the same time, or I put it on the floor while blow drying my hair so I wouldn’t have to stop. My kids would ask for a snack and I’d be so disgruntled that they made me wait to find out what Edward was going to say next…thank goodness I’m a pretty quick reader or my family would have starved to death! My husband thinks I’m nuts, but he’s sweet about it.
Anyhow, from one addict to another, welcome!

If this is her home away from home, I can only imagine the squalor in which lulu lives.
I would lurk anywhere there was a twilight forum, I was sussing out if their were any moms like me also addicted to twilight. I felt really *dumb* like I was going through some stupid middle age crisis, being addicted to these books, and like Amy0 I found this site on steph’s site and voila I’m addicted. I found my home away from home

sarahpat mentions crotch venom. I have no idea what it is, but I am absolutely positive that all of these women spew it on a constant basis. I am also positive that it does not, as she claims, “sparkle”.
Don’t forget, crotch venom sparkles!!!!

I don’t know what the worst part of this post is. The fact that kelly_deneen neglects her husband to read a children’s book, the fact that she was planning to go see Australia, or the fact that she was planning to sneak into Twilight. My head hurts.
I sure wish my husband would stop talking to me, so that I could obsess properly.

I have plans to go shopping and then to see Australia tomorrow, and I am trying to figure out a way to sneak in the Twilight movie again too. ha!

Wow. Just… Wow. They let people like OCD@41 vote. Wow.
I had to report for jury duty yesterday. I knew there’d be a lot of sitting around and waiting, so I forced myself to take non-Twilight related reading material…. bad idea.

A guy 2 seats down from me had Eclipse on his lap and I practically started shaking with desire. I finally had to approach him, explain my disease, and ask him to put it away so I could focus on the clerk’s instructions.

feisty_pixie likes Depeche Mode. Looks like I’ll be deleting Violator off my MP3 player.
I would choose 80s music over disco any day ha-ha. But thats just my opinion.

I’m a wicked 80s music fiend. If Edward was to say that Depeche Mode was one of his favorite bands I would probably swoon then and there. I definnitely think there are some great 80s bands and songs – however, unfortunately, I am tone deaf so I cannot help you out in the harmonies, etc category.

All you centarians out there listen up! nighttimepatronofhearts wants a piece of whatever you’re offering!
I was just thinking about this again, and for many of us I think, there is something terribly attractive about a drop dead gorgeous, 100 year old man falling in love for the first, and what will be the only time, in his long life. Yum, cut me off a piece of that.

Sounds like teamedward2 should have listened to her husband. And mother. And sister. And every other sane person on the planet.
I tried to stay strong reading through this thread but my emotions have taken over and I am not going to fight the tears anymore. I think a big part of it is relief. I feel so much better just knowing that I am not alone and that so many others are feeling the exact way I do. I am relatively new to the series, I have only read all three books twice and getting ready for the 3rd round. I was having a very difficult time coping because I had no one to talk to about my obsession. My husband just thinks I am crazy and that I get too emotionally involved with books and movies. (He remembers my addiction to The Notebook.) I tried talking to my mother and she warned me to stop reading right now. I know that she was just genuinely concerned because when I started mentioning vampires and werewolves, she couldn’t take it anymore. Then when my deeply religious sister warned me that she feared it was the “work of the devil” I just about lost it. I decided that I had to keep this twilight obsession to myself in order to protect the people I cared about. I was NOT going to give up Edward and Bella – not for ANYONE! I began sneaking on the computer (pretending to check email) and that’s when I found TM. I felt like Bella at the end of NW – I had to be dreaming and I didn’t want to leave this site for fear I would never find it again. I guess that’s why I stayed up all night just reading the posts and crying that never felt so good. I can’t believe how afraid I was to close the website tab. But just like Edward, TM is there anytime, anyday, now matter what. I believe my “thirst” is at it’s peak and I don’t anticipate it easing up anytime soon. Not with BD just around the corner. But I feel better prepared to cope and I have a wonderful support group that never criticizes or passes judgement.
Sorry this was so lengthy but I know you’ll understand my need to get this out there and off of my heavy heart.

I’ve got news for you Better than Bella. People have hated you for a long, long time.
Wow I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I finished BD and was waiting for a friend to give me Twilight back so I can “re-vamp” I quote it all day and everyone else around me is ready to scream….wait until it gets closer to the movie, people are going to hate me!

Rolls his eyes, wants to hang himself – it’s all the same to r3wallacekids!
Everytime I step out of my house, I look at women different. I think are you one of us? Do you want to be? Have you read the book? I want to talk all of them. My husband just rolls his eyes when we are at the store and I start asking question to random people.

sunshine wears Twilight shirts. Anyone wearing a Twilight shirt needs to be punched in the ovaries. This includes men.
I have tons of friends who are into Twilight but either they aren’t yet TM’s or they won’t admit that they are! I love TM’s! I wear my shirts with pride and I talk about it all the time! When my friends ask where I get all my information…I tell them that it is a perk of being a TM!!!

What should have been a wake up call becomes affirmation to peachy_2000. So sad.
When your Twilight decore/collection has become too large for your home with out taking over so you have decorated your work cubical with all things Twilight.

When one of the engineer’s from downstairs has a question for you, comes to your cube and says with a grin: “Your a Twilight fan!” You smile widely and say “Yep! Sure am!” Then they say: “My daughter is. Thats all her friends talk about”. You wonder if they will tell their daughter about the lady upstairs who is a twilight fan too. Twilight has touched so many people, so many differant ages.

I’d like to make fun of LovesmesomeEdward, but she does a pretty good job of it all on her own.
It sounds horrible saying this, but I really hope this obsession does die down some. I’m finishing the series for the 5th time since the day that BD came out! I’ve just finished with MS on Stephenie’s website. Not to mention the countless number of fanfiction that I’ve submersed myself in. The bad thing is that since I’ve discovered the fanfics I’ve done maybe one hour of work each day. How sad it that. I may have to work overtime just to catch up!!

My husband has not been a happy camper through all of this. It got so bad that last night I wasn’t paying attention to my son and he ended up cutting his finger with a knife!!

All that women have accomplished throughout history and this is the group that pznluv decides to lionize? I wish I were blind.
I’m not sure where to post this but I was thinking about how my love for Twilight is comparable to my love for my children-in how I love to find out everything about them, love to obsess over them, get insanely defensive if anybody criticizes them, etc. And I just was thinking that it must be so hard for Stephenie to put them out there to be judged and criticized (like sending your kids to school for the first time).

I wish more people were like TwilightMOMS-I have never seen such a group of smart, funny, amazing women and I’m grateful that Twilight has brought us together. Grateful for Lisa-she was truely inspired to call us TwilghtMOMS-and all that implies, and for Stephenie-obviously, and for sharing her story with us.

Some people say that single moms will lead to the downfall of society. Onyx proves that it will actually be Twilight Moms.
Please tell me I’m not the only one this has happened to. I got sucked into a TM thread and had completely tuned out the kids (they had been really loud this morning). Suddenly I realized they were *too* quiet. Uh oh.

I find my six year-old holding a fistful of tampons. I asked what he was doing with them. “I took them away from my brothers, but they have more.” Great. I run upstairs and my four and three year-olds tell me they were using them to clean their CDs. I tried so hard not to laugh. I really did. But I couldn’t help it. Then I told them that those are things that Mommy needs sometimes and to please not play with them. The six year-old says, “But we won’t ever need them?” “No honey you won’t. Only girls use them because… Only girls ever need them… You’ll learn about it when you’re older.”

Starting to feel like a loser, SPARKLES? I have a strange feeling that you’ve felt that way for some time.
Okay, I am starting to feel like a loser. I have been happily obsessed with all things Twilight for the last year and a half, ever since I first started reading them. It was great, all my friends were equally obsessed. We are all excited to go to the movie together too. But it seems that I am the only one who isnt starting to move away from the obsession. None of them seem to care much anymore and I still am so in love with the series and so excited for this dang movie to come out. I am starting to feel like a loser! I keep thinking after the movie comes out my obsession will go away but to be honest, I dont think I want it to go away. I think I could revamp over and over and be completely happy for years to come. Should I be worried about myself??

Way to justify your pedo urges there, jblmom.
OK, so I know that Edward is 17 and all, but when I picture the Edward in MY head, I just don’t see a 17 year old boy. Have you seen any 17 year olds lately, they are YOUNG! My version of Edward is probably closer to his mid-twenties. Sort of like how Jacob is 16, but because of the whole werewolf thing looks closer to 25 or so. To me, Edward just doesn’t act like a 17 year old most of the time, mostly because of his decades of experience. Plus it is hard enough to admit I’m obsessed with a fictional character in the first place, let alone a 17 year old one!

Am I the only one who pictures him older? Or am I just WAY over thinking this?

After reading this post by venomheat, for the first time in my life I really, REALLY want someone to be sterile.
After reading about Nessie, for the first time in my life, I really, REALLY want a baby.

How about the fact that he’s a fictional character in children’s books. Is that good enough Fete?
Funny, passionate, devoted, hot-headed, strong, blunt, protective, affectionate, rough, understanding, personable, easy to talk to, honest, great with his hands, a born leader and a smart ***. What’s not to love.

I was there for the births of all four of my children. I didn’t shed one tear. Newborn_Bella cried reading Twilight. Equal sexes, my ass.
Did you cry when reading any of the books? I cried so much, especially with New Moon and Eclipse. I felt their (Bella, Edward, Jacob) pain so so much I could barely read in some parts cause of the tears blurring my vision. The worst part of crying was trying to hide it from my 15 year old, who has read all 3 books also, cause she would make fun of me crying! She didn’t get it, lol. Well, I am an emotional creature, I cry for everything, even the happy things. So what parts did you cry about?

Yes, prprincesa32, they couldn’t relate because you’re so much younger. It has nothing to do with you being a freak or anything.
I love it here because I don’t feel so alone with my obsession.. I was running the school fair this week and recommend the books to many students. In fact I had to keep restocking the books they were flying off the shelf…Anyway one of the other mothers who had volenteered said boy you are really obsessed. Funny thing though I never felt alone in that obsession until that moment. They all read the book, so I assume they all had similar feelings but I guess being a younger mom then the rest of them they couldn’t relate. And in that moment I felt very alone…actually they went off together and I stayed behind listening to the music that you guys recommend by the mitch hansen band on my ipod… Anyway I want you to know this is why I love it here so much.

For some reason, I think that AmeliaMomma has only had her imagination to cuddle with for some time.
I know that I am obsessed because today was my day off and I should be doing laundry, but laundry can wait I am rereading twilight! Its too rainy out and is perfect to snuggle with my imagination!

Every time Natashanatasha posts, an angel gets set on fire.
Okay, so he’s a gorgeous, dangerous gentleman….that sparkles. I like the fact that he is a fictional character too. In that sense, he becomes every woman’s idea of perfect. I can dream about him all day and not feel too guilty, although my husband knows how I feel about Edward.

I’m about to write something that I know will cause hate posting for me but last night I was watching American Idol. I was just enjoying the show when Jason Castro came on and started singing. He looked right into the camera and gave a sort of crooked grin and I just about swallowed my tongue. He is so cute! I thought to myself, if we could cut off that boy’s hair then he would be my Edward…

No hate posting please….I’m just talking about MY Edward.

Prepare now for a lifetime of disappointment savvysis.
How’s this for life changing?

Inspired by Stephenie’s normal mom to sudden author experience I decided to quit my job and pursue a life time dream of being a writer. I’m halfway through the first of what hopefully will be a trilogy! While I doubt I’ll ever be called the “next JK Rowling”, my ultimate dream is to bepublished and have a book signing.

want2bbella left out the part of the story where the husband stabs himself with the extra fork.
So my friend, who I “converted” to be a Twilight Fan – is reading the books in bed, and her loving husband brings her breakfast (wow – I know). She looks down and notices two forks – he sees her questioning glance and answers “one is for you and the other is for Edward!”. How funny is that!!

CaliCat gives me a glimmer of hope for the people on this forum. Not alot, but a glimmer is better than nothing.
I think it’s really important to remember that as fabulous as Edward is, HE IS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER. He does not exist. Nobody like him will ever exist. He is perfect only because he is fictional. Other woman have shared this same problem you’re having, so you’re definetely not alone. But it’s a very unhealthy thing to do, cuz you’ll never be satisfied with anyone if you try to compare them to Edward.

When *gypsy wings* says “was very pretty,” what she means is “put out alot.”
In High School… I was a really weird mixture of Bella, and maybe Alice… I was very pretty in a way that seemed to get me noticed, which was really weird to me. Mostly I did not like to be noticed like Bella… I preferred to sit back with my little group of friends and not be noticed… But, there was also a part of me that liked the attention, and much to my shame I used it to my advantage at times. Although most of the time it was like Bella trying to flirt with Jake in Twilight at the beach… And I was and still am ridiculously clumsy. SO clumsy… Do NOT let me walk in heels clumsy.

And I was slightly ostentatious… The outfits I wore (not sure who in the book I could compare the outfits to…)… Holy CROW! I am sure Megatha remembers… I had a lovely pair of Black shiny plastic pants… That I wore with a zebra print shirt and a fancy fur coat…I loved those pants *sigh* I had a teal lamé mini dress, also a peach lamé mini dress… and several other interesting outfits that I wore regularly. I was easily excited and around my friends I had a bit of that bubbly personality that Alice has.

I don’t know how liking the attention and not liking the attention go hand in hand… but they did for me. It was weird.

I think now, I am still a good combo of Alice and Bella. I don’t wear the crazy clothes anymore… mostly… i do have moments when I whip out the fishnets and rock them with my favorite short jeans…. And I am still the most accident prone person you might ever meet…

imarriededward is right. There are men who have benefited from Twilight. They’re called homosexuals.
My husband and I were discussing Twilight yesterday and he said to me “I don’t think there is a single man who has benefited from this whole Twilight thing”. 🙄

I told him he was wrong, that not only are there men who feel they have benefited, but that he has benefited even though he doesn’t realize it.

So, men, are there any of you who feel you have benefited from either reading Twilight, or having your wife/girl friend read Twilight? And why?

Girls, if you can’t get your guy to respond personally, take dictation. 😀 (and no fudging, it’s got to be straight from the guys or he won’t believe me)

What moonturtle doesn’t understand is that depression is merely mental weakness manifesting itself. Then again, so is posting on So she didn’t have that far to fall.
I find myself relating in many of the themes and characters. I was first drawn towards my conclusions of all of this through my experiences in the Harry Potter books. J.K. Rowling became a hero of mine my admitting her battle with depression and having many of the characters in her books battle with depression (my favorite character in the series is Sirius Black because he is a manic depressive, like me.) When I first got involved in the Twilight series, I knew nothing about them. I read the first book on a suggestion from an acquiantance. I found myself chuckling at Bella’s cluminess, because I myself have a hard time walking without falling down. As I got into the series more, I found myself relating to Edward and his personal battle with depression. He hates himself and blames himself for situations that are beyond his control (something I have done many times.) As the series progresses, you see the depression battle with Rosalie, Jacob, and Jasper as well. I feel with Jacob because I have gone through the pain of love lost also. And Jasper is truly my favorite character because, in my opinion, he is the character who will never become happy. Bella and Edward seem to live happily ever after at the end of Breaking Dawn (who knows though, personally I can see it going either way.) Rosalie seems to be happy as long as Emmett is with her. Jacob finds happiness in the fact he imprinted on Nessie and will have Bella in his life always. Jasper is always sad, although he has Alice and the rest of the Cullen’s to depend on, he is never truly happy. He is a tortured soul and one could argue also a manic depressive. Perhaps this could be the source of his special power, he worries to much about other people’s feelings than to worry about himself (also a theme I am familiar with.) For this reason, Stephanie Meyer is right behind Rowling on my hero list. Characters like these help me realise I am not the only one in this life-long battle and it gives me a little boost of self confidence.

No, Twilighter, no it isn’t.
It is normal to be in love with a fictional character and bond over him with people you can’t even see!!

Instead of turning to her husband or friends for help, iluvedward turned to an internet forum about a series of children’s books. I hate society so much.
I LOVE this site and I LOVE this thread! I know this sounds kinda lame….but several friends as well as my hubby could tell you that it is true…this site and the fabulous people on it got me through a very hard time in my life. It was just so great that I could come here and have so many people that not only had one common interest to talk about –but also who genuinely show love and concern! Seriously…there have been several times in the past couple of months that my hubby has said how happy he is that I found TM’s and he is glad that it makes me so happy! I love you guys! Thank you!
Special thanks to our fabulous and amazing Lisa….I’m sure you never imagined it would get this big…I KNOW it has become such a HUGE task and I really appreciate you being willing to keep it up! You’re amazing! Love ya!!!

What’s the frequency, OCD@41?
I just came back from a girls’ weekend with 4 ladies who have not read the entire series (a couple had just started)… It is so hard to spend that much time with people and not use Twilight references in conversation! That’s why I need TwilightMoms!

I want DizziBlnde to die in a fire for introducing me to the word fanpire.
So, I’ve been hanging out on TwilightMoms for a few days (a little to much, but hey the kids are fed, the house is reasonable, and I do make it to work on time lol)….and one thing I’ve noticed, which I think is really interesting is the seperation between our squeeing inner fangirl and the rock solid core of being a “Mom” that we bring to this crazy fanpire.

It’s bizarre in a way, but there is this serious maternal instinct that permeates almost every post (even ones that involve drooling). Fangirls choose a side and just squee uncontrollably over the hotness of any given actor but the TM’s see the bigger picture and seem to have an almost protective ardour over the cast. I can only imagine the fervor with which the TM’s would take down the first thing that represented a threat to one of the cast lol.

I think it’s just a refreshing change to see people wishing the best for someone rather than being stuck listening to the gush of the adolescent set.

I admit it – I feel like freaking Esme! The cast are like my own little family that I watch change and develop as the Twilight phenomenon unfolds. Okay, maybe I’m just nuts and I really shouldn’t have stopped at just 4 kids because I have the overwhelming desire to mother the world.

I like how these women are so delusional that they think everyone else is crazy. eyeheartedward:
I turned a coworker onto the books and she and I are both Edward obsessed, so I can talk to her. She thinks I’m a little crazy cause I actually ordered tshirts with Twilight junk on them. Wore one today, and only got one inquiry on it, from the cashier at Bath & Body wks. She said she tried reading Twilight and could not get into it. I looked at her like she had grown a third eye right there in front of me. She said of the twilight readers “they are really obsessive fans, though”. Ya think?

I’m not exactly sure what Sarahbella is saying here, but I think it’s something along the lines of “My husband is a slob and if it were at all possible, I’d become a vampire and marry a fictional character even though he’s a pedophile. Also I love Oreos.” Just guessing.
Ok so this is how the conversation played out:

Son: “Can I go the bathroom with the blue stuff in the toilet?”

Us: “Sure”

Me: “Ya know the toilet doesn’t get clean by just putting the cleaner in there, you have to use the brush. Or was that your way of telling me I need to clean it. You can clean it as well as I do.”

Husband: ” I know, Edward wouldn’t do anything like that.”

Me : ” Why do you always bring him into everything”

I had to laugh, I felt like a someone who either cheated on her husband and he kept throwing it in her face or one of those girls who’s guy always brings her ex up. Now my husband usually isn’t a jealous person but I think my Edward obsession may be getting to him. Bless his heart doesn’t he know Edward is just a character(I know, I tell myself that all the time but I can’t help but love him) and that he is the love of my life. Maybe I should get one of those shirts that says ” I married my Edward”, that would boost his ego. Have a great day!

Which male character in Twilight is your dream husband?

After reading the books, I found myself thinking what life would be like as vampire and who I would like as a husband, forever. The character I would like to have as a husband is Carlisle. I am a totally Carlisle fan :smooch: and like everything about him. He is so disciplined, kind, and compassionate, not to mention good-looking, what’s there not to like.

What about you? Which character would be your dream husband and why?

What kind of party from Hell is teamalice77 throwing?
Ok so I’m putting together a picture slideshow for when me and my friends have a twilight themed party and I am looking for a picture of Edward that I want. Ok remember when Mike is trying to talk to Bella about the prom and Edward looks at her with this kind of smirk? that’s the one. I found one but I don’t want Mike & Bella in the pic…. anyone know where I can find it?????? He looks so dang cute in that pic!!!!

I’m pretty sure that Lipglossed won’t be in a position to have kids as long as she’s obsessed with Twilight. You see, his “baby juices” are supposed to mix with your “crotch venom”. That’s how babies are made.
I don’t have any kids and my man and i aren’t in the position to have kids right now, but the baby juices have been boiling the brain for about a year now. I want to have a little girl so bad and I think my man does too and BD just made it worse. CURSES!!

I wonder what sort of fantasies women like behappy have conjured in their minds about this Edward fella. For some reason I think it involves lots and lots of cheese and a pony.
I have to agree with you! What has happened to all of the gentlemen? Edward is soft and caring. He honesty cares about Bella’s feelings and safety. Most of the men that I know only care about themselves. What I wouldn’t give to have a man hold me all night while I cried. One of my favorite scenes is from Eclipse after she leaves Jacob’s house at the end. When she pulls over because she is crying so hard. And then Edward shows up and gets in the truck and holds her. *sigh* They just don’t make them like that anymore.

I started this project thinking that Harry Potter fans were the worst human beings on the planet. Bitten proves me very, very wrong.
So do you feel Incensed when someone makes a disparaging remark regarding Twilight or the series. Until yesterday everone I have spoken too has loved or obsessed over the books too. However, yesterday a friend said to me I can’t believe you like that “cheesey” book. Now to me she just threw down the gauntlet, those were fighting words. lol

Man, I felt like I was on the playground and Stephenie was my friend and someone just called her four eyes or something. I felt so defensive.

Oh well, she’s entitled to her opinion. My Mom just can’t understand why I don’t like all the romance novels with fabio on the cover. It’s just not my thing. To each their own…right?

So have you ever reacted to someone not liking these books.

There was alot of people at Jonestown, too heather_c. Just because something has alot of followers doesn’t mean it isn’t lame and wrong.
I love it here because I can tell my husband and kids “see, look, it’s not just me!” Actually, my husband is coming around. We’re heading to the Olympic peninsula in Washington for the 4th of July to visit some family, and my husband (who just read Twilight under direct order from me), actually asked her how far away her house was from Forks!

Every word of this post by katiedidz1980 makes me die a little more inside.
Soo since I’ve become a member of TM’s I find my self wanting to ask anyone who even mentions twilight if they are a TM! It’s funny cause I either think that they all ready are………….cause I wanna ask em what thier user name is or I wanna say, if the anwser is no then to tell them to join now!!! It makes me laugh! That is how proud I am a member and I love all you TM’s!! Oh yeah and um…..I LOVE TWILIGHT!!

Anyone who says that Twilight changed their life deserves to be smacked in the face with a hammer. twilightorbust is no exception.
I know my life, my perspective, my choices everything about me has changed so dramaticlly. Those who say that I am to obsessed or going overboard I feel sorry for them that they haven’t felt changed by the books. I am so glad that I have all of you TM’s to talk to and gain more percpective from and know that I am not crazy. It is OK to have a stronge reaction to Twilight and be changed because I am happy.

You should probably keep stuff like this to yourself, TiredMama.
It’s been about 2 months since the first time I read these books. I have read them I don’t even know how many times and I can’t think or do anything else. This cannot be healthy. I have friends who have read them but no one has the same level obsession as I do.. except for this site it seems. Just today someone gave me a hard time about Robert being only 22 and I am obsessing over him. I am ruined for all future relationships. No one is going to compare to Edward. 😳 I am counting the minutes until BD comes out in August (on my birthday 🙂 ) and it seems like an eternity until the movie comes out. For now, I guess I will just have to comb the TM website. I don’t think the obsession is going to go away anytime in the near future for me either!

Sorry to burst your bubble there, Spellbound, but the only people that don’t think you’re crazy are other crazy people.
I have read Twilight 3 times now and sometimes I will just take a few minutes and read some of my favorite parts . It’s a great pick me up if I have a bad day and thanks to this forum I can finally admit it and no one will think I’m crazy.

Alright gentlemen. This is the part where I put up several posts and you all get to make up your own jokes. While you’re doing that, I’m going to go scrub my brain with bleach.

Yes, this is how I escape from reality! This is my “happy” place!

Edwards Candy:
How about when you spend waaaaaaay too much money at the Chanel makeup counter buying vamp lipstick and eclipse lipgloss.

Leslie Sapp:
I know I’m obsessed when my two year old knows the characters in Twilight!

Twilight Island – I love the sound of that! I wanna go right now

I dont ever want to not have twilight in my face

I pretend that they aren’t real people if they don’t like the book… That seems to help!

Wasn’t that fun? I’m just thankful that it’s over. If you made it through the whole post, you should be commended. I almost didn’t, and I was the one writing it! After visiting the forums I no longer fear furries.

When the first Batman movie came out in 1989, I had my hairdresser shave a Batman symbol into my hair – complete with color. I freely admit to having been urinating and getting a few dribbles on the floor and wiping it up with my sock – while I was wearing it. When Jenny and I were first married, I put on her thong and walked around the apartment for laughs. It was silky and about 3 sizes too small, and I loved every minute of it. I just told the internet some of my most embarrassing moments. I still feel less embarrassed than I would if I were a Twilight fan.

I’ll leave you with the words of Barbwire Mike: “What if the kids from Dawson’s Creek sucked blood instead of just sucked?”

Jun Bakon
I’m going to go shoot myself now.

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10 Responses to Fun with Forums!

  1. MikeTheDragon says:

    Don’t worry, Jun, I wiped pee off the floor with my sock as well.

  2. Chapel says:

    You deserve a fucking medal Jun. Oh yeah and thong pixsplz

  3. Unknown Joe says:

    Wow… Now I don’t feel bad about my wife’s obsession with Harry Potter and England.

  4. TC says:

    Wow…just, wow

  5. Judge Gonz says:

    Fucking amazing.

    Welcome back, Jun.

  6. Disco Dave says:

    So how long before 17 tons of fatass vampire geeks show up here crying into their sugar free pudding bowls?

  7. rhubarb says:

    I bet all these chicks love jeff and matt hardy too

  8. Tommy says:

    I read all these books and enjoyed them. That is ruined now. I don’t understand how people get that obsessed over fictional characters. Great post Jun!

  9. I miss you says:

    I love you man! I can’t believe I read the whole thing… And you talked about the sock clean up here! I thought that was just something for me and Jen to laugh at.

    Oh yeah, Batman on your head, huh? I would love to have seen that.

    Anyway….miss you. TTYS

  10. collin says:

    You are now my hero. You are slightly behind Thomas S. Monson and Ronald Reagan.PS My wife and I mock people who like Twilight and intend on rebuking them when asked to speak at church.