IWC C2C Presents: The Issues of Modern Wrestlers & Fans

Holy Shit its been a while since we’ve posted anything. But since Mike is keeping the lights on, the least we can do is post something.

Ed (Dumass to us here at Lethal) listened to Sami Calahan on Konnan’s “Keeping it 100” podcast and Sami’s comments about good ol’ Jim Cornette got Ed all fired up.

So we discussed the root of the issue when Jim Cornette said he had no idea who Sonny Kiss was in the AEW Casino (battle) Royale.

This led to a further discussion about regular viewers needing some damn context about who someone is, getting heat, remembering Adrian Adonis from our childhood
and much more.

The modern mollycoddling of feels wrestlers/fans have nowadays hurts more than it helps.

Not to sugarcoat any of our stances, but there’s been this shift in wrestling that seems out-of-place in an inclusive sport: Fans/Wrestlers virtue signaling.

Nothing is wrong with being progressive, but when it hurts a wrestler getting over to a larger audience, the response shouldn’t be SJ lap-dogging for a failed entrance. Sadly, that got over a lot of heads, including Sami Callahan.

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