UFC 158: GSP vs Diaz

Hey everyone, it’s me Cruelty. Did you miss me? I’ve been busy getting rich and pampered like GSP while JAV gets high and… high some more like Diaz. So it makes sense that we’d get together and do a podcast to discus GSP vs Diaz. Before this main event this card has mostly marginal fights but there are two that make this worth your time:

Carlos Condit vs Johnny Hendricks
Jake Ellenberger vs Nate Marquardt

These are important fights and the Condit-Hendricks fight should be fucking fireworks. You should listen to us talk about it with JAV’s podcast buddy Jesse:

That Other Sports Show

You’ll hear me called Chris and JAV called Jay because it’s real life so we’re not using stupid internet handles. Then we plug our twitters and you have stupid handles again…

Anyway enjoy the fights!

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