UFC 154: St. Pierre vs Condit, eh?

The Canadians get no NHL this year, so happily for them the UFC has created a Canadian card that should feature should Canadian victories. Remember Clearly Canadian? When you were a teenager did you ever hire a hobo to buy you liquor and thus you’ve had Canadian Club Whiskey? Very refreshing. Well tonight is be MMA refreshment for your brain. Before you watch, though, you may want to listen to JAV and I ramble about it. Who likes reading right? Better to listen on your phone on the way to the bar, or while you’re prepping the meats for your UFC watch party. (you know what I mean by that)

JAV aka Jay and his buddy Jesse have this lovely podcast they do, and sometimes I (Cruelty aka Chris) call in and talk some MMA with them. Check the links below for the UFC 154 preview edition:

Listen on BlogTalkRadio.com

or if you prefer

Download the MP3

You can also find it on Stitcher and iTunes by searching for “That Other Sports Show”. Enjoy the show, and enjoy the fights!

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