Lethal Entertainment Radio (2/19/11 Edition)

Hello my fellow dick-tits.

Please excuse us as we try to fall back into a regular schedule. It is tougher then you think, we the three of us having jobs, 2 of them having vagina’s to worry about it’s tough to find a couple hours we’re all free. BUT, we think we got it, so keep those fingers crossed and we’ll be pumping out shows like…. a loose woman pumps out…. babies?


We start things up with a Tom Arnold bit and a song from the Black Keys.

Now I’ll be honest, I usually play the show once I get the link and do the run-down as I am listening, but I am starting to think that gives everything away without leaving any mystique. Plus the link may be broken, we are looking into it I will edit it (or someone will) with the correct listening information. We just wanted to get something out there without me sitting on this, again.

So, the topics discussed (as if you don’t know)-

Sports- End of the football season (for a while) and the start of the baseball season (which started off great for Gonz’s Tigers whose best player, Miguel Cabrera, got nailed for a DUI). We also discuss the Rock returning to the WWE.

Politics- Not too much this time around, a brief mention of Egypt and I think a quick mention of Libya (HIDE YO PLUTONIUM). There was also a discussion of Bill O’Reilly being dumb, you can follow for your own amusement!

Entertainment – I don’t believe much was discussed about TV, maybe a mention of Fringe (or that could have been preshow) but we do go into detail about the Oscars. And by we I mean Gonz and Madrox as the only 2 movies I’ve seen for 2010 with any meaningful weight behind them is The Social Network and 127 Hours. Those 2 are in a much better place to see them all.

So again, as of yesterday the link was a bit broken. It plays the show, but it cuts off a couple of times. But you will know when we get it fixed. We will tell you with our dongs.

Gonz, Madrox and TUS

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