Lethal Entertainment Radio (1/5/11 Edition)

Good evening.

Here we are, poisoning your ears for another 90 or so minutes with inane ramblings from three of your favorite goons: Madrox, Judge Gonz and myself, The Usual Suspect, or as everyone calls me, TUS. The audio clip is from True Grit and I am not sure the song, but I am enjoying it. Gonz is under the weather this week, so i’m doing the rundown.


Some early 13 year old Star Wars banter to start off the show….

We also introduced our mystery 4th mic that can talk in phrases and not full thoughts. He is also extremely British. (courtesy of http://www.howjsay.com)

Per usual, the show starts off with football. The Raiders finish 8-8, and swept the AFC West. So things WERE looking up. THEY THEN DECIDE TO NOT RE-SIGN TOM CABLE (and as of today, VOIDED the contract of Nnamdi Asomugha, the best CB in the game). Hue Jackson looks to be the replacement for Cable, since he was the one who really allowed for the Raiders offense to be awesome. Pierre Thomas is injured. WHO IS THAT? GHOST MONKEY? PETE? PIERRE THOMAS?!

SF is also looking for a new HC. Could Jerry Rice be a possibility?!

Playoff talk! Three three of us go over the 4 NFL playoff games this weekend. Seattle/NO and Indy/Jets Saturday and KC/Bal and GB/Philly Sunday. We question how/why a 7-9 team can make the playoffs and if it’s something to look at this season.

Jets/Colts, Maddy decides to attempt go get tickets for the game. All three of us pick Colts and we are allllllll- incorrect. Jets won in a last second FG (with a terrible kicker) As Gonz hopes, there is a manningface.jpg sighting.

Ravens/Chiefs – I pick KC and Gonz/Maddy take Baltimore. After 1 quarter, KC is up 7-3, so things are looking good for the suspect!

Packers/Eagles. – Gonz goes with Packers Maddy as does Maddy… I didn’t get a chance to make a pick. That makes me sad 🙁

We go back to Seattle/NO, Gonz and I both pick Seattle… I can say I picked them unironically, Gonz was probably the same…. we know our shit. Madrox kinda just talks over the options before choosing the Saints. Gonz and I look like geniuses.

Hey, who wants to see the most insane run in the world?

So between the Bears/Falcons/Patriots/Steelers, who is the strongest team? Maddrox thinks the Patriots which is a safe choice. In depth discussion on DA BEARS. No one feels confident with them… record is misleading. Atlanta doesn’t seem like the strong team they were at the start of the year.

Gonz doesn’t trust Todd Hailey since as an OC for Arizona, he ignored L.Fitz during the Super Bowl, which probably cost them the game. Could McNabb sign with SF during the off-season?

Gonz admits to jumping on bandwagons, this year is the Zolton Mesko led Patriots. Maddy and I discuss how long we’ve suffered as fans of the California bay area football teams.

We go into the Lockout discussion and that because there is the potential for the league to lose upwards of a billion dollars and that even though the threat is imminent, it probably won’t happen since the loss of money is way toooooooooo high.

SUBJECT CHANGE – 2011 Movies. We talk releases for the first third of the year. Rather then going point by point, just follow the link with us! http://www.imdb.com/nowplaying/2011/01/ There’s some decentish movies coming out, but who the fuck knows.

We then talk about this Capt guy who was the Captain for a ship who was found to be making “parody” movies that are A) Not funny and B) Considered offensive. Because of this, he’s gotten dropped and is now being mocked by everyone. Deservedly so.

This was supposed to build morale. I’d want to jump off the boat.

Maddy tells us a story of his incident at Cox cable. I won’t spoil it here, but it is pretty awkward. Here’s the video of it. (How this happened continues to elude Madrox)

Alfred Hitchcock is being a prophet… birds are doing shit! They’re not attacking, they’re just dying. Birds are dying, falling down birds birds birds birds ARGHHAGR we get it. Birds suck, Charlie Kelly would have a field guy with this losers.

We’re ending the show with Nigger Jim no longer around for Huck Finn. Slave Jim apparently is better. SLAVE. SLAVE JIM. I hope Twain rises from the grave and starts Hobo with a Shotgun’ing everything.

Gonz has a “heel” turn by becoming a Patriots fan. Too Little, too late.

Politics, end scene.

I was promised graphics after I posted this, sooooo, we’ll see how that works out.


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