Lethal Entertainment Radio (11/22/10 Edition)

I had just spent most of the long Thanksgiving weekend catching up with Boardwalk Empire… helped keep my mind off a lot of things. But the opening quote was pretty bad-ass, being able to hear it in context. I also just saw Scott Pilgram, which has in it in a teeny tiny roll, Clifton Collins Jr…. who is our first promotional star (thanks to Maddy for having those cojones, even if this wasn’t the first time using the bit) Here’s my favorite CC Jr moment, if anyone cares-

EEEENNNNNNNNYYYYYYWAYYYYY, thanks for joining us for another installment of Lethal Radio. This is your second microphone, The Usual Brandor. (Or if you’re gonna actually listening, TUS)

(Also, Jane’s Addiction does the Entourage theme, if you didn’t know)

Per tradition (NOW WITH PRODUCTION) we start with Football as we dig through some Lethal Radio meme’s. Ben Rothliesberger gets karate chopped by Richard Seymour… the world loves it which is a first as the fan favorite in this brou-haha were the Raiders (WHO ACCORDING TO CBS IS STILL IN THE PLAYOFF HUNT)

T.O. also claims how bad his team is. Even him. Just turrible

On the subject of washed up WR’s… the Titans have Randy Moss and Vince Young flips out, stubs his toe and is out forever. Kerry Collins is also suffering from oldness and can’t play, so the weight of the Titans falls on Rusty Smith. GOOD LUCK!


On topic of old, what position “ages” the quickest? I also can’t pronounce names of most NFL running backs.

In the weirdest segue on Lethal Radio to date, we go into great detail on the various Gonz’s text he sends to Maddy and myself. Just out of nowhere. I mean, I have 160 texts and 120 of them are Gonz telling me the oddest shit. It feels like he has auto correct on for EVERYTHING. We just keep listeners sitting on the edge of their seat.

BRAD CHILDRESS FIRED. The state of Minnesota celebrates with cheese and throwing people in woodchippers. Er…. wrong state.

Then we go into the Unstoppable parody from SNL:

The movie itself was pretty enjoyable, if I do say so myself. Mindless action flick with the concept of Speed, but on a train. And because Jeff Goldblum was mentioned… here’s the top Goldblum moment-

The digital shorts discussion turns into NEEDS MORE COWBELL turns into Jimmy Fallon always talks turns into….

Back to sports. Gonz and I discuss the merits of the MLB awards. Gonz sulks about how Josh Hamilton is going to win AL MVP over Miguel Cabrera (He does) and his coke-head ways are still in full force and Ron Washington covered for him (or someone else) and Hamilton gets yelled at by the SVU crew while blowing some dudes. And Terrence Howard.

(I would like to point out at this point while typing this I spilled the beer I was drinking. Some of it on my computer. Thank (ATHIESTS) this program saves your work.)

But the order of the AL MVP was Hamilton, Cabrera, Cano, JOSE BAUTISTA and PAUL MOTHERFUCKIN KONERKO.

Next topic was the most recent UFC fights, Maddy takes the reigns as he’s the resident UFC guy since TV Dog bowed out. BJ Penn won in like 2 seconds and Rampage won by decision over Lyoto Machida. As a side note, since people have really pushed Machida on me, he has- won by decision in a match he should have lost, lost by KO and then lost a match he should have won. The fight takes place in Detr… er, Auburn Hills. Thankfully. I spent barely 4 hours in Detroit and it was scary. I parked like 5 blocks away from Comerica Park and 2 more blocks down and it would have been Judgement Night.
Ric Flair boobies.

Here are some other guys fighting in other cards in the future- Jim. Bob. Rich. Abdullah. The HAAWWWKKK. Zogdort vs Klingdor.

Gonz sends us some more text and mentions “Toast Loaf” which we realize is an actual thing…..

Also, Jiggaboo Flop Houses is a topic of discussion for a short time.

TV Talks. Maddy hasn’t caught up with Boardwalk Empire (hopefully he has by now). Gonz and myself discuss Fringe and fucking Walternate’s deathly gaze. I refuse to post it because that means looking at it longer. In the Fringe universe, Yvonne Strahovski doesn’t exist, which would suck for the world. Sadly, it’s moving to Friday… can Fox keep it for another 3 seasons? Can we do the Jericho idea and mail Fox a bunch of…. stuff to show our support? WE SHALL SEE!

The crew then discusses “Kurt Warner” twitter… and his unique tweets. Then “JaMarcus Russell” Take a gander!

Last topic of the night is TSA/politics. We all want to be fondled and dumped with breast milk and getting our balls looked at (or vaginer if you’re a female). I went flying back in October and I didn’t go through the X-ray or fondled. I just got a regular pat-down. But if Yvonne Strahovski were a TSA agent, I’d take the government mandatory hand-job to get on the plane. Some bad movie dubbing and CONAN RETURNS and we decide to call it a day!

Again, I apologize for the delay in getting this out, but Thanksgiving happens. It’ll be quicker next time.


Mad “Maddy” Rox

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