Lethal Entertainment Radio (11/7/10 Edition)

Hi everyone!  I know you are all used to Judge Gonz posting this, but he’s decided to change career paths and is going to try to become the White Terrence Howard (I never thought strep throat would make a man sound so masculine, yet have a little feminine tint to it.  Yet, here we are!).  Because of that, I have taken the reigns of leading you through our most recent bout of talking into microphones!


(Gonz did make the front page banners for me, though…)

Show starts off with the The Usual Suspects (no, wait… that’s just me)… Gonz and Maddy are also on the mic’s. We get involved pretty quickly with updating the world on the status of Austin Collie, Colts WR. He was hit pretty hard in the head and dropped like a ton of bricks. (Thankfully) he looks to be recovering nicely and even though he might have to take the short bus to football stadiums from now on, we will be in awe of his presence:

We go into greater detail about the official mid-way point of the NFL and discuss our teams. Maddy’s team, the Niners, continuing it’s poor season. Where-as my Raiders ARE FINALLY FUCKING ABOVE .500 THIS LATE IN THE SEASON FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 2002. Both Gonz’s Cardinals and the Niners beat the Raiders this season. If Sebastian Janakowski kicked that game winner in Arizona, Oakland would be in first.

Also, can the NFL survive in Europe? Prrroooobbbabbbly not.

Eric Mangini may not field the best team every year, but he always focuses on any game against the Patriots. Damn you Billy, DAMN YOU!!!!!

Randy Moss… still a trouble maker, but will never top running over meter maids. Unless we can change “meter maids” to “Brad Childress”

Quick segue to some World Series chat. Congrats to the San Francisco Giants winning the championship. Brian Wilson/Buster Posey/JUAN URIBE and crew definitely bust. We also learn that 3 near 30 somethings are awful at math. Yikes!

Hey have you seen 8mm?

Speaking of baseball, Maddy talks about stories of counting cards as a dealer in a Casino (he focuses on poker, card counters are more blackjack). We then go over who is considered a bad tipper and attitudes with the more famous people in America. Dan Quayle sucks at tipping because he can’t count… OR SPELL! REMEMBER FIFTEEN YEARS AGO?!

Gonz and myself then go into great detail about one of the most under-watched and under-rated TV shows in the last couple of years… The League. Please, if you watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (which you should be anyway), stick around for another 30 minutes and watch the awesomeness of The League. (There’s some politics thrown in here, but I kinda zone out during politic talk, sooooo). When you listen to the Birthday Song, it is sung by a guy named Taco. For real.

You know what I love? Nitrous!

We also touched upon AMC’s new show The Walking Dead. Which this past week has been renewed for a 2nd episode with 13 episodes! Congrats zombie TV! Also, Mike and Molly is a show a lot of people watch?! FUCK YOU WORLD. Terriers gets talked about as again, 3 men can’t remember Donal Logue’s OTHER TV show from the 90’s. We also reminisce about Buffy and the lost episode of Buffy and Dawn sex episode. So basically, Sons of Anarchy.

Law and Order: New Hampshire. TUS plays Rock Band for 42 minutes

Speaking of Rock Band 3, we go into talking about it bit. I go over my first impression of it and we talk about Billy Joel and the new “pro” guitars. They’re actual guitars so the whole “Why don’t you learn real instruments?” can be answered with “I am!” Also, darkies can’t be recognized by the new Kinect. DANCE DANCE.

Gonz talks about Wii’s Goldeneye and a comparison to the N64 (awesome) version. Fuckin Wii and their friend codes! Line of the day is in this bit with friend codes… listen for it wink wink nudge nudge.

Talks move to movies… specifically Paranormal Activity 2. And Boobie McGee’s revenge. The three of us all agree that it’s an entertaining movie and the big jump scare really hit us all, even with Gonz talking about it before Maddy and I saw it. Here, see for yourself-

Apparently, everything goes back to Law and Order. Fuck that series. ENOUGH DICK WOLF. LAW AND ORDER: MT KILIMANJARO COMING 2012!

We go into Alien: Anthology and Back to the Future Blu-Ray sets. Gonz is a ginormous nerd and wins trivia questions for Back to the Future at a 25th anniversary screening at a local theater.

Finally, actual news content, sort of. News Corp is holding a gun to Myspace. Musicians and comedians are holding back their tears. Also, indy wrestlers. This brings us to Lethal’s first date… or rather when that date actually was.

*insert politics talk here*

We go into Halloween. I dressed up as the Warrior and played some rap game. I was the only one who did anything.

Ultimate Fighting! BROCK LESNAR loses the title to Cain Valezquez. Or as he likes to be known as “Brown Pride”. The Brock experiment has ended, but there’s some debate if Lesnar can win the title again at some point. Also, Undertaker does an interview after the fight and stares Brock down as he is sadly walking away.

Nearing the end of the show, we decide to show some breast-a-sis. Well, not ours, but rather go over Kat Dennings and Jessica Alba’s leaked hooters. And other hot females. Carson Daly and Jennifer Love Hewitt… CARSON wanted to break up with her because HE didn’t want the vaginer.

Show ends with some last second commentary on the Raiders tying against KC’s. Raiders go on to win the game in OT after we ended. YEEEES!

As always, we like to thank everyone for listening, going by our “hopeful” schedule, our next show should be the weekend before Thanksgiving, that’s baring any of us going away for the Thanksgiving holiday. But in the meantime, please join the Lethal forums. Ta-ta 4 now.

Judge Gonz

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