We’re Coming to Get You XII: Independents Matter w/ Edward Douglas

Well, it’s about time to put up a new show, I think.  On this episode, we speak to the founder of recording act Midnight Syndicate as well as Entity Productions which distributes their music and now films with Midnight Syndicate Films, Edward Douglas.  Mr. Douglas comes on the show after finishing his first film “The Dead Matter,” a low-budget genre effort which stars horror veterans Andrew Divoff and Tom Savini.  This show is a bit different from past shows as Ed gives us and our listeners an interesting account of the independent film making process, the challenges presented in making such a movie as well as the tribulations in getting the movie out there for people to find and watch.  We thank Edward Douglas for taking the time out to talk to us and pour his heart into something he obviously believes in.  Enjoy the show and be sure to seek out “The Dead Matter” as it’s definitely worth a watch.  Click below to see the trailer for the film….oh, and to listen to the show too.

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