We’re Coming to Get You XI: Invasion of the Gremlins Ripoffs

As it always happens when something gets popular, the imitators come out of the wood works.  Been happening for a very long time, Nosferatu is just Dracula with a different name and that came out in 1922!  More examples are films like Orca, Great White, Grizzly among many others came out after Jaws became a hit.  More recent movies that brought its own imitators are the likes of Scream and Saw.

So we come to Gremlins, an 80s classic that most people will remember fondly.  After its release, there have been a trio of movies that came out that have been synonymous with the term “rip off.”  We’ve looked around to see if there have been any more movies that would fit this ultra exclusive genre, but everywhere it’s always the same three movies.  Films can still be released now and be considered a Jaws rip off, but it’s rare you’d hear anyone declare a film a “Gremlins rip off.”  So it is with great pleasure we bring to you the only rip offs of Gremlins — Munchies, Ghoulies and Critters (not including their respective sequels of course.)

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