We’re Coming to Get You – The Horror Podcast

First off, apologies for not getting a show up for an entire month!  Life gets in the way sometimes but we’re back with a new show!  This time around, we focus on the quirky genre of first person horror.  These are the films where the audience is pretty much thrown into the movie as only the camera’s perspective is the one we see, so we get to experience everything first hand…and especially the eventual bout of motion sickness to follow.  We focus on the the movies that pretty much either defined this unique movie-making style or made a huge impact with audiences.  We would’ve liked to include the likes of REC, it’s American remake Quarantine and Cloverfield (all recommended by us, by the way) but the line had to be drawn somewhere (unless you wanted us to go on for hours, and not even we could handle that.)  The films that made our cut are The Last Broadcast, The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity.  For the next hour, we hope you enjoy our triumphant return to the world of horror podcasting.

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