Reefer Badness X: Little Monsters

“Little Monsters” was a movie that I enjoyed a lot when I was a kid, though I’m not exactly sure why.  I mean, it’s full of monsters, both scary and funny, it had a funny premise and it starred Fred Savage and Daniel Stern.  Not saying every movie starring them is a blockbuster (look at The Wizard and Celtic Pride) but at the time I liked them.  I’m pretty sure I liked Howie Mandel as Maurice the Monster, although I didn’t know who the fuck Howie was other than maybe doing the Mogwai gibberish in Gremlins.  After watching this movie 15 years later, I’m left to wonder why God had to take Patrick Swayze before him.


So the basic idea behind the movie, which is wrapped around a very serious side-story about Brian’s (Savage) family being torn apart by his parents inability to work things out between them, is that MONSTERS are at fault for the stupid things parents blame on their kids.  Yes, while Brian’s parents are moving all over the country and being on the verge of getting a divorce, we are left with the hilarious notion that all those shit stain tracks on the floor weren’t made by a 5-year olds’ sneakers but a  MONSTER doing it instead.

While it could just be Brian imagining all this stuff to make things seem better for him, there are really monsters who live in an underworld hub where every child’s bed is a doorway all over the world.  The monsters reason for even existing is to get kids in trouble…and probably ruin a family or two every night.  Brian eventually finds this out after trapping Maurice who, instead of just killing Brian and making it look like a suicide, he invites him into the monster world to have some fun!  You just have to know that after watching every scene of them having fun results in that particular child getting mauled to death by their parents.

So far they do a bad job of mixing the seriousness of the real world and the apparent happy life of being a monster.  As the movie progresses, things get worse as the lead monster, Boy, wants Brian to stay.  I don’t know why, but it’s imperitive that he does.  This family comedy starts to turn into a horror movie towards the end while we see some monsters’ reactions to bright light.  Perhaps I’m starting to notice a pattern with Howie’s choice of movies.  Anyway, watching one monster rip his human face off to reveal a hideously deformed face really seals that there’s no way this movie was ever supposed to be what it was marketed as.

What else is there to say….Howie is annoying as shit playing essentially a ten-year old child in a man/monster’s body.

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-“Lethal” Shaun and Dr. Huutrz


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3 Responses to Reefer Badness X: Little Monsters

  1. Matt E. Allen says:

    Wow, was this movie really awful.

  2. Marcey says:


  3. Captain Patterson says:

    I loved Little Monsters.