Reefer Badness IX: No Holds Barred

The Doctor and I didn’t take very long in decided our next film.  We’d been thinking about it for some time, we just had to find the damn movie first, Gore-bless the Internet!  No Holds Barred was Hulk Hogan’s first major movie he headlined.  He plays Rip, who rips off Hogan’s gimmick completely.  It’s basically Hogan playing himself only instead of wearing red and yellow it’s baby blue and white.  And instead of taking on real wrestlers he takes on TV network executive BRELL.  Oh, and Zeus, Zeus is in this too.






















Neither Dr. H nor I had seen this movie in yeaaaars.  Despite the fact it’s never really been issued on video in well over a decade we still remembered certain scenes from this film which was released 20 years ago.  TWENTY!  We’re old and so are all of you who watched it. 

Who can forget Brell’s favorite word to describe idiot wrestlers?  JOCK ASS!  Brell, played brilliantly by Kurt Fuller, is quite possibly the most evil character created for film since Howard the Duck.  He’s never in a good mood, constantly moving from one hateful scene to another.  When he isn’t slapping women around he’s enjoying watching bloodbaths in a makeshift octagon.  Yes, an octogon where there are no rules.  Hmmm, that sounds so familiar.  This movie came out in 1989 and UFC started up in 1993.  Methinks a Gracie was a huge fan of this movie!

I suppose I could talk about Hogan’s character, but I’d just be talking about Hogan.  He plays himself but the funny part is he’s ACTING like he’s Hulk Hogan, not just playing the part like he usually does.  The parts where he has to fight though are amazing, he’s a superman!  The way the roof of the limo explodes when he jumps out of it?  I’d have pants full of dookie too!

And how about ZEUS!  Twenty years later and Tom “Tiny” Lister can’t escape the character.  When you saw him as the President of Earth, you exclaimed, “Hey, it’s Zeus!” didn’t you?  Or his little part in The Dark Knight?  I know I’m not the only one who heard someone whisper “Zeus” in the theatre.  The man should just change his name and get it over with.  Let’s not forget that this movie spilled out into real life when Hogan and Zeus got partners for SummerFest 89…on second thought, it’s better to forget that.

There are several great moments in this movie that I’ll let you rediscover and you’ll find some new ones, cause we point em out to you!  Enjoy!

You can head over here for all the videos!

 Big thanks to Marcey for finding the video for us, without her this wouldn’t have come to be (so if you really hate it let me know cause I have her email address.)

-“Lethal” Shaun and Dr. Huutrz



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4 Responses to Reefer Badness IX: No Holds Barred

  1. Marcey says:

    Excuse me??? I don’t even get a mention? If it wasn’t for me this wouldn’t be featured at all, just ask the good Dr who got the film for him!

  2. Shaun says:

    Have I got a story for you.

  3. Shaun says:

    I’ll tell you in person, I don’t have to write everything for people to see.