Reefer Badness #8: Joe’s Apartment

Nobody likes cockroaches.  But what about a movie where the cockroaches can talk?  Even dance and sing?  It might sound like a Broadway hit, but I can tell you exactly what it is:  fodder for the RB Crew.  After getting loaded, myself, the good Doctor and Bob Zombie decided to watch not only “Hell Comes to Frogtown” (which you better have watched!) but “Joe’s Apartment” for some masochistic double bill.  Be warned, the following contains gruesome scenes of ho-ho-hilarious cockroaches, among them Jerry O’Connell, and several dozen utterances of “Ugh!”  “What the hell?” and “Why is this still going?” 



If you can’t exactly read what it says on the poster, “Joe’s Apartment” is excitingly called MTV’s First Movie!!!!  This is exactly what we needed from a channel that’s had it’s finger far away from the pulse of what people have wanted since 1996.  Or at least that’s what I’ve been told, I’ve never had MTV. 

So what we have here is a movie.  A movie about Joe.  Joe moves to New York City and within a span of 7-8 minutes,  the audience is treated to every New York stereotype there can possibly be, and maybe even a few new ones added in.   After some old lady dies, he takes over her cheap, absolutely disgusting, rotting apartment that’s filled with cockroaches who talk and love the fact that Joe is as greasy as they are.  Joe goes on to try to have a normal life while the roaches interfere.  Not to give anything away but a villain gets involved, everything wrong gets resolved, happy ending as a result of many incredibly idiotic instances, but this movie is great for 13 year olds, even though it doesn’t have any tits which always disappoints me. 

So come on and watch the movie, we even stayed silent during all the musical scenes because we were horrified so you can enjoy them just as much as we did.  Except for Dr. Huutrz.  He was asleep for half the fucking movie. 


Joe’s Apartment Part 1:

Joe’s Apartment Part 2:

Joe’s Apartment Part 3:

Joe’s Apartment Part 4:

Joe’s Apartment Part 5:

Joe’s Apartment Part 6:

Joe’s Apartment Part 7:

-“Lethal Shaun,” Dr. Huutrz and Bob Zombie




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6 Responses to Reefer Badness #8: Joe’s Apartment

  1. Bob Zombie says:

    no joke, he probably slipped himself some novocaine from his personal stash so he wouldn’t have to endure the movie.


  2. Marcey says:

    I am going to attempt to give this one a watch and listen, does the audio include Dr Huurtz and his snoring??

  3. Shaun says:

    Might hear incoherent mumbling but that might be Jerry O’Connell’s acting.

  4. Marcey says:

    He was acting?

  5. Shaun says:


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