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Lethal Entertainment Radio (3/27/11 Edition)

Here’s the show from about 2 or 3 weeks ago So here’s basically the shortest of short recap since we’re about 4 hours away from recording the next one. Our guests today are Tokage and JAV. Show starts off WITH … Continue reading

Lethal Entertainment Radio (2/19/11 Edition)

Hello my fellow dick-tits. Please excuse us as we try to fall back into a regular schedule. It is tougher then you think, we the three of us having jobs, 2 of them having vagina’s to worry about it’s tough … Continue reading

Franchise Review: Slumber Party Massacre

I’m sure most of you horror nuts out there are aware that the slasher genre had it’s huge heyday back in the 80s. Having started to pick up steam in the late 70s, the horror audience was inundated with slasher … Continue reading

I Spit on Your Grave 2010 Review

Even if you haven’t seen it, most of you movie-watching folk have at least heard of a little drive-in movie from the seventies called “I Spit on Your Grave” and you know what it’s about. It caused such a ruckus … Continue reading

Lethal Entertainment Radio (1/5/11 Edition)

Good evening. Here we are, poisoning your ears for another 90 or so minutes with inane ramblings from three of your favorite goons: Madrox, Judge Gonz and myself, The Usual Suspect, or as everyone calls me, TUS. The audio clip … Continue reading

A New Year’s Present from Disco Dave

Good day everyone. Disco Dave checking in with a late Christmas present for you all. As has happened several times in the past, some sort of media has fallen into my hands, giving me the opportunity to showcase my superior … Continue reading

Lethal Entertainment Radio (11/7/10 Edition)

Hi everyone!  I know you are all used to Judge Gonz posting this, but he’s decided to change career paths and is going to try to become the White Terrence Howard (I never thought strep throat would make a man sound so … Continue reading

Tommy and Gonz Review: Red

Welcome back movie fans! We warned you that we’d be back and here we are true to our word! What you will find inside is some of the most insightful thoughts about Helen Mirren’s rack and Mary Louise Parker’s… ummm… … Continue reading

We’re Coming to Get You XII: Independents Matter w/ Edward Douglas

Well, it’s about time to put up a new show, I think.  On this episode, we speak to the founder of recording act Midnight Syndicate as well as Entity Productions which distributes their music and now films with Midnight Syndicate … Continue reading

Machete Review

Grindhouse was such a great idea yet no one went to see it in theatres. They missed out on what could’ve been considered an “event,” which are few and far between these days. Not only did people miss out on … Continue reading