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We Are… a Sad State

When the Penn State child sex scandal broke several months ago, I was very outspoken about the role of the university administration in the investigation. I guess the lack of role would be more appropriate, as further research revealed a … Continue reading

Franchise Review: Slumber Party Massacre

I’m sure most of you horror nuts out there are aware that the slasher genre had it’s huge heyday back in the 80s. Having started to pick up steam in the late 70s, the horror audience was inundated with slasher … Continue reading

I Spit on Your Grave 2010 Review

Even if you haven’t seen it, most of you movie-watching folk have at least heard of a little drive-in movie from the seventies called “I Spit on Your Grave” and you know what it’s about. It caused such a ruckus … Continue reading


Sup folks. Happy New Year. Hope you have washed that smell off your penis, and brushed your teeth. What better way to spend a day recovering and regret, then by watching kickass MMA! We got a above average card with … Continue reading

Uncle Chad’s LETHAL PRODUCT REVIEW: A Month or Two with My Beleagured Pal, Four Loko

Publishers note:  The following Lethal Entertainment article was, in large part, written prior to the states of Washington, Oregon, and Massachusetts (at last count) banning the sale of “alcoholic energy drinks.”   While the author has done his best to … Continue reading

Tommy and Gonz Review: Red

Welcome back movie fans! We warned you that we’d be back and here we are true to our word! What you will find inside is some of the most insightful thoughts about Helen Mirren’s rack and Mary Louise Parker’s… ummm… … Continue reading

Games from the Landfill: Bubsy 3D

I could very well be writing this article about any number of mascots, but I guess I feel the need to single this guy out. I mean, I already singled Astal out and he only lasted one game, poor fella. … Continue reading

Machete Review

Grindhouse was such a great idea yet no one went to see it in theatres. They missed out on what could’ve been considered an “event,” which are few and far between these days. Not only did people miss out on … Continue reading

George A. Romero’s Survival of the Dead Review

I can certainly imagine that Night of the Living Dead has scared the crap out of people decades after it was released back in 1968. It was over twenty years ago that I woke up earlier than usual waiting for … Continue reading

Games from the Landfill: Astal

For those who don’t know where the title comes from, there was a game released on the Atari 2600 based on the movie E.T. that was so bad there were millions of cartridges that were left on shelves, never to … Continue reading