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UFC 143: Nick Diaz Hates the Superbowl and Artificial Sweeteners Feat. Cruelty

Sup gordos? Ya boys have taken time from cutting jalapenos for our Super Bowl salsa to drop some knowledge on your domepieces. We’ve got a so-so card with an EXPLOSIVE main event that’s going to give you more firepower then … Continue reading

We Are… a Sad State

When the Penn State child sex scandal broke several months ago, I was very outspoken about the role of the university administration in the investigation. I guess the lack of role would be more appropriate, as further research revealed a … Continue reading

UFC 142 – Anthony Johnson Could’nt Stop Eating Tho Feat. Cruelty

Sup folks. Busy day that has included a trip to Wing Stop for mad beer and wings, but yet I’m still here, posting once again for you fucks. Cruelty is as well. You should follow him on Twitter. If I … Continue reading

UFC 141 – Totally Legal And Steroid Free Feat. Cruelty WITH END OF THE YEAR AWARDS!!!

Sup scumbags, ya boys are back. On a Friday? You know shit’s about to get weird. So it’s NYE Weekend, and although Cruelty and I miss Pride FC wars with Zulu, Akebono, MINOWAMAN, and Tank Abbott, we’ll take what we … Continue reading

The Lethal Entertainment Women Of Rasslin Tournament Wrestlers & Valets Rd. 3

Christmas is almost upon us so what better way to celebrate then to decide what chick is hotter then the other. So far the tournament has had plenty of predictable results and some shocking upsets. But we’re getting into the … Continue reading

UFC 140 – Karate vs. JESUS Feat. Cruelty

Sup folks, gotta fly, you know the drill, I’m italics, Cruelty isnt, SUPER MEGA LETS GO. John Cholish over Mitch Clarke – Round 2 RNC I was scouring YouTube to see some old Mitch Clarke fights to see if he’s … Continue reading

The Lethal Entertainment Women Of Rasslin Tournament: Valets Round # 2 (Plus Wrestlers Round 2 Results)

After another extended break due to burnout from school, we are back with the Lethal Entertainment Women Of Rasslin Tournament. You the voting public ruined a lot of good potential second round matches by voting for people you shouldn’t have. … Continue reading

UFC 139 – Will They Mention Dan Hendo KO’ing Fedor? Feat. Cruelty

Sup folks? We’ve returned from the UFC On FOX, also known as “The Day Dana Shit His Pants On National Television”. We’ve got a stacked as fuck card headlined by two legends, a No. Cal legend, and THE Legend, Wandy … Continue reading

The Lethal Entertainment Women Of Rasslin Tournament: Wrestler’s Rd. 2 (Plus Valet’s Rd. 1 Results)

Okay so like with any good tournament, we needed a break so that it wasn’t overkill. And by we I mean me. To be honest I was swamped with school and since most women’s wrestling is a piss break for … Continue reading

UFC on FOX – Holy Shit Am I Really Typing That? Feat. Cruelty

Two weeks ago at Lethal HQ we had a very important decision to make. Searching for Dimebag had depleted our monthly funds, and we had to make a choice between covering some shitty UK event, or the biggest event in … Continue reading