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Raw Recap: 07-22-19

Raw Member When? Hello, my intended… Tonight we’re allegedly having a Raw Reunion, where a bunch of the old fossils still under ‘Legends Contracts’ have to come out and tell us what a swell fellow Vince McMahon is, and how … Continue reading

Raw Recap: 07-01-19

Let It All Blow Hello, my intended… As you’ve probably already heard, Vince is getting tired of taking the heat for all his utterly stupid decisions since, well, since taking over the place from his father, really. Let’s call a … Continue reading

Fiendish Thoughts

Tending the Bigger Tree Hello, my intended… Exactly sixteen years ago, I gave an explanation about why racism angles were a terrible idea and should be avoided at all costs. At the time, Booker T was locking horns with Triple … Continue reading

Smackdown Recap: 03-12-19

Dancing in the Sheets Hello, my intended… Yeah, I know I missed Raw. Had a doctor’s appointment way too early Tuesday morning, so I couldn’t faff about watching Vince and the fam burn money into the wee hours showing us … Continue reading

Raw Recap: 03-04-19

ICANN See Trouble On the Way Hello my intended… Well, seeing as I had the bright idea to suggest Mike do something with the $10 he spent to re-up the ICANN listing for the ol’ and maybe give some … Continue reading

UFC 155 Predictions for your Earholes

Hey this is Cruelty aka @chriswpower posting here because JAV is too baked to type. We recorded a podcast preview prior to the UFC event last night, then didn’t post it here because apparently we knew deep down that my … Continue reading

UFC 154: St. Pierre vs Condit, eh?

The Canadians get no NHL this year, so happily for them the UFC has created a Canadian card that should feature should Canadian victories. Remember Clearly Canadian? When you were a teenager did you ever hire a hobo to buy … Continue reading

UFC 153 – Bonnar Really Wants To Go Through With This? Feat. Cruelty

Sup folks, there’s a UFC PPV, so you know what time it is. This card is sneaky good with a lot of young talent. We may of lost a killer main event, and a potential awesome 205 fight, but WE … Continue reading

UFC 152 – Because Greg Jackson and Bones Went And Fucked Up UFC 151 Feat. Cruelty

Sup folks? It’s early Friday, my phone is broke, and I’m hungover as fuck. So fuck the formalities, you’ve been reading us long enough to know the drill, que no? I’m italics, Cruelty isnt, there’s fights this week, we pick … Continue reading

Lethal Music presents THE ANNOYING FUCKING 90’s — Hidden CD Track Hijinks

Two things off the bat, mouthbreathers. 1) Oh now we’re back to being LETHAL WRESTLING AGAIN?!? Well okay…wrestling fans listen to shitty music so this belongs here. Most of the readers here are in their 30’s and were a part … Continue reading