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Wrestlemania 34 Predictions

Well kids, its been awhile. I decided it was a good time to jump back into writing about wrestling so I made the terrible mistake of logging in and here we are. I took a HUGE break from watching wrestling … Continue reading

UFC 158: GSP vs Diaz

Hey everyone, it’s me Cruelty. Did you miss me? I’ve been busy getting rich and pampered like GSP while JAV gets high and… high some more like Diaz. So it makes sense that we’d get together and do a podcast … Continue reading

In Defense Of Bret Hart

When it comes to writing about wrestling here on the Internet, there is one man who is a more polarizing figure than even John Cena. That man is of course Triple H. You can always count on there being some … Continue reading

UFC 150 – It Could Be Worse? Feat. Cruelty

Sup putofaces, your boys have taken a break from being awesome and shit to hit you with that picks post. Now most of us would ASSUME that 150 would be a big deal, but it isnt. Rather then get on … Continue reading

What’s Going On? 1000th RAW Edition

A long time ago, on an internet far, far away, wrestling used to be cool. And watching wrestling was even cooler. Writing about wrestling? EVEN COOLER STILL. Today, fresh off of watching a complete episode of RAW for the first … Continue reading

UFC 149 Faber vs Barao: Do people buy short guy fights?

Sup folks, we’re back and giving you the old skool WRITTEN MATERIAL, because sometimes you deserve a podcast, sometimes you dont. We got a fun card, wiith a whacky main event, so rather then bitch about the lack of star … Continue reading

The WWE Network: Iceberg Dead Ahead Captain

Holy shit could it be even more content on the main page? Yes it seems for some reason we’ve upped our workrate around here so I figured I might as well contribute. Yes I know the Lethal women of rasslin … Continue reading


One of my great life passions is professional wrestling. I have been lucky enough to live that passion for almost 14 years off and on and it has taken me across the country and given me the opportunity to meet … Continue reading

UFC 148: This Time JAV & Cruelty Talk In Your Earholes

The way Chael Sonnen has been cranking out sound bites, it only makes sense that we’d do this one audio style. In the link below you’ll find about an hour of MMA preview goodness, plus some of the usual nonsense … Continue reading

We Are… a Sad State

When the Penn State child sex scandal broke several months ago, I was very outspoken about the role of the university administration in the investigation. I guess the lack of role would be more appropriate, as further research revealed a … Continue reading