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Old School – Cause I’m an Old Fool That’s So Cool

I just wanted to make sure that the line breaks still work.  I was never really good at the technology stuff on here.  I NEED BANNERS! I honestly don’t know where to start.  I supposed a quick re-introduction is in … Continue reading

UFC 129 – Wait, They Let The Diaz Bros. Into Canada? Feat. Cruelty

Sup fellow crime fighters? Ya boys are back on the block, serving up grilled cheese sandwiches with welfare cheese. You know that shit that would’nt melt? We got some fun fights here, and Daddy Dana is hooking you jews up … Continue reading

Lethal Entertainment Radio (3/27/11 Edition)

Here’s the show from about 2 or 3 weeks ago So here’s basically the shortest of short recap since we’re about 4 hours away from recording the next one. Our guests today are Tokage and JAV. Show starts off WITH … Continue reading

UFC 127 – I’ve Paid For Worse FEAT. CRUELTY!!

Sup folks? Ya boys have done the best we could with this card. Truth be told, it’s a bit shitty. But a great mind once said that you can “Take tin cans and turn them into gold” or something like … Continue reading

Lethal Entertainment Radio (2/19/11 Edition)

Hello my fellow dick-tits. Please excuse us as we try to fall back into a regular schedule. It is tougher then you think, we the three of us having jobs, 2 of them having vagina’s to worry about it’s tough … Continue reading

Lethal Entertainment Radio (1/5/11 Edition)

Good evening. Here we are, poisoning your ears for another 90 or so minutes with inane ramblings from three of your favorite goons: Madrox, Judge Gonz and myself, The Usual Suspect, or as everyone calls me, TUS. The audio clip … Continue reading

Uncle Chad’s LETHAL PRODUCT REVIEW: A Month or Two with My Beleagured Pal, Four Loko

Publishers note:  The following Lethal Entertainment article was, in large part, written prior to the states of Washington, Oregon, and Massachusetts (at last count) banning the sale of “alcoholic energy drinks.”   While the author has done his best to … Continue reading

Lethal Entertainment Radio (11/22/10 Edition)

I had just spent most of the long Thanksgiving weekend catching up with Boardwalk Empire… helped keep my mind off a lot of things. But the opening quote was pretty bad-ass, being able to hear it in context. I also … Continue reading

Fun with Forums!

Welcome gentlemen to another exciting edition of Fun with Forums! I would have welcomed ladies and gentlemen, but we all know that no woman will ever read this… or talk to you in real life.

Cosmo Confessions: Lethal Edition

Cosmo readers share their most shocking stories and steamiest secrets in the grammatically retarded way that Lethal readers have grown to expect! Continue reading