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Fun with Forums!

Welcome gentlemen to another exciting edition of Fun with Forums! I would have welcomed ladies and gentlemen, but we all know that no woman will ever read this… or talk to you in real life.

It Came From the Box #5: Demonic Toys

A killer doll franchise that started off well but got worse and weirder as the sequels went on.  It actually carries two of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, which is certainly no small feat I assure you.

Coming Attractions 03/24/09

This week’s movies feature the return of James Bond, a great Disney animated movie NOT made by Pixar and a companion piece to Watchmen that most people will have no idea why it has the Watchmen name splattered all over … Continue reading

Introducing LE Radio

Now with 50% less Seminal Cream! Continue reading

Cosmo Confessions: Lethal Edition

Cosmo readers share their most shocking stories and steamiest secrets in the grammatically retarded way that Lethal readers have grown to expect! Continue reading