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Wrestlemania 34 Predictions

Well kids, its been awhile. I decided it was a good time to jump back into writing about wrestling so I made the terrible mistake of logging in and here we are. I took a HUGE break from watching wrestling … Continue reading

Tommy and Gonz Review: Red

Welcome back movie fans! We warned you that we’d be back and here we are true to our word! What you will find inside is some of the most insightful thoughts about Helen Mirren’s rack and Mary Louise Parker’s… ummm… … Continue reading

Tommy and Gonz Review: Scott Pilgrim VS The World

Scott Pilgrim VS The World is first and foremost a story about coins and how to acquire them by punching people in the face REALLY hard. No… wait… Lemme try that again. Scott Pilgrim VS The World is a movie … Continue reading

Thor Trailer – watch it while you can!

Hopefully the studio won’t yank this one down because it is awesome. I plan to spend the next couple of weeks sitting in a dark room watching this over and over until my hands are too chapped to function.

Who are the Secret Avengers?

Hello again faithful readers! I know its been an awful long time since you’ve heard from me and for that I apologize. I will do my best to be around more often to talk about funnybooks and what not.

Attack of the Show Twilight Spoof

Video Games – E3 2009 – Attack of the Show

A cause we can really support.

The Life and Times of Martha Washington

As far back as anyone can remember there have been stories about the underdog. From the biblical David and Goliath to the cinematic Rocky Balboa there has always been someone who fights against all the odds and all the nay … Continue reading

New Comics for 9/30/09

Once again we arrive at Previews week. For many of this is the most exciting week of the month as it is when the majority of people see what is coming two months from now in the world of comics, … Continue reading