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354th ranked wrestler in the world according to Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Old School WU and Lethal mainstay. Currently the lead singer and manager for popular national Jager Band "Walk of Shame" (


One of my great life passions is professional wrestling. I have been lucky enough to live that passion for almost 14 years off and on and it has taken me across the country and given me the opportunity to meet … Continue reading

We Are… a Sad State

When the Penn State child sex scandal broke several months ago, I was very outspoken about the role of the university administration in the investigation. I guess the lack of role would be more appropriate, as further research revealed a … Continue reading

Lethal Politics: Yeah Motherfuckers – I’m Branching Out

You faggots thought all I could complain about was shitty booking in professional wrestling? SWERRRRRRRRRRRVE – I can bitch about anything. I thought I’d try my hand at something as scripted and contrived as professional wrestling. Politics is a work! … Continue reading

What I Learned From Wrestling: Putting Yourself Over

I just watched the MTV Video Music Awards and I’m shocked and appalled at what passes for good music nowadays. Granted, you are about as likely to find actual “music” on MTV as you would be of seeing me sit … Continue reading

Old School – Cause I’m an Old Fool That’s So Cool

I just wanted to make sure that the line breaks still work.  I was never really good at the technology stuff on here.  I NEED BANNERS! I honestly don’t know where to start.  I supposed a quick re-introduction is in … Continue reading