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Lethal Music presents THE ANNOYING FUCKING 90’s — Hidden CD Track Hijinks

Two things off the bat, mouthbreathers. 1) Oh now we’re back to being LETHAL WRESTLING AGAIN?!? Well okay…wrestling fans listen to shitty music so this belongs here. Most of the readers here are in their 30’s and were a part … Continue reading

ASK NEW JACK IX: The Triumphant Return!!!1~!

(*Looks around, wincing, sipping…then chugging a can of Busch Light. Throws it on the floor.*) Really? That’s all you gots to say about this.

Behind the Scenes at WWE Creative

Don’t let the new color scheme here at Lethal Entertainment fool you. We’re more than just pretty bimbos. We used to be a wrestling website, for fuck sakes. That started back when wrestling was wrestling. When wrestling became “sports entertainment,” … Continue reading

Uncle Chad’s Guide to PORTLANDIA

Where to start? I guess my move to Portland, in earnest, started in the late-spring of 2000. Prior to that, Portland was just a place I’d travel to in order to attend concerts by Jane’s Addiction, Joe Strummer, and things … Continue reading

Uncle Chad’s LETHAL PRODUCT REVIEW: A Month or Two with My Beleagured Pal, Four Loko

Publishers note:  The following Lethal Entertainment article was, in large part, written prior to the states of Washington, Oregon, and Massachusetts (at last count) banning the sale of “alcoholic energy drinks.”   While the author has done his best to … Continue reading

Alison Krauss – A Hundred Miles Or More: A Collection

I’ve been a fan of Alison Krauss ever since I heard her breathtaking a Capella rendition of “Down To The River To Pray” in the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou?. That song and 15 others make up this beautifully … Continue reading


It seems to take some kind of event to make me open up a word processor these days. I read and watch things every day that I want to write about but I never seem to get around to it. … Continue reading

Elephantmen V1: Wounded Animals

The idea of creating a human/animal hybrid is older than civilization. Ancient cultures saw their gods as some sort of amalgamation of man and beast and worshiped these monstrous deities for centuries before more refined humanized versions of these benevolent … Continue reading

Spider-Man One More Day

It’s finally here. The end of the storyline many people have been dreading since it was announced. Amazing Spider-Man #545, the final chapter of One More Day. I can’t remember my first Spidey comic but I do know i’ve been … Continue reading