Raw Recap: 07-22-19

Raw Member When?

Hello, my intended…

Tonight we’re allegedly having a Raw Reunion, where a bunch of the old fossils still under ‘Legends Contracts’ have to come out and tell us what a swell fellow Vince McMahon is, and how grateful they are that he let them make him millions of dollars. Kind of like those Pride Parades from last month, except without the pride. So, hell, yeah, I’m gonna be here for it. The arthritis is keeping me from regularly pounding out these three-hour tours, I admit; but since they’re reportedly bringing in Ted DiBiase to be Thurston Howell III, I might as well climb aboard the S.S.Minnow for the wreck we all know is coming. Continue reading

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Raw Recap: 07-01-19

Let It All Blow

Hello, my intended…

As you’ve probably already heard, Vince is getting tired of taking the heat for all his utterly stupid decisions since, well, since taking over the place from his father, really. Let’s call a spade a spade. I’ve been watching since before Hulk Hogan got there and it’s been a box of dripping dicks for DECADES with only brief bursts of entertainment that happened largely by accident. Letting the wrestlers talk and get themselves over? Nope, can’t have that, they might start thinking they deserve more money! So let’s bring in Hollywood Writers™ to put together everyone’s promos, that way if they get over they owe it all to us, and if they don’t we can blame it all on them. Win – win! Continue reading

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IWC C2C Presents: The Issues of Modern Wrestlers & Fans

Holy Shit its been a while since we’ve posted anything. But since Mike is keeping the lights on, the least we can do is post something.

Ed (Dumass to us here at Lethal) listened to Sami Calahan on Konnan’s “Keeping it 100” podcast and Sami’s comments about good ol’ Jim Cornette got Ed all fired up.

So we discussed the root of the issue when Jim Cornette said he had no idea who Sonny Kiss was in the AEW Casino (battle) Royale.

This led to a further discussion about regular viewers needing some damn context about who someone is, getting heat, remembering Adrian Adonis from our childhood
and much more.

The modern mollycoddling of feels wrestlers/fans have nowadays hurts more than it helps.

Not to sugarcoat any of our stances, but there’s been this shift in wrestling that seems out-of-place in an inclusive sport: Fans/Wrestlers virtue signaling.

Nothing is wrong with being progressive, but when it hurts a wrestler getting over to a larger audience, the response shouldn’t be SJ lap-dogging for a failed entrance. Sadly, that got over a lot of heads, including Sami Callahan.

Feedback/hate can be sent to Ed & Me at our respective Twitters.



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Fiendish Thoughts

Tending the Bigger Tree

Hello, my intended…

Exactly sixteen years ago, I gave an explanation about why racism angles were a terrible idea and should be avoided at all costs. At the time, Booker T was locking horns with Triple H heading into Wrestlemania and Triple H was explaining at length that ‘people like Booker’ not only did not deserve the top spots, but were lucky to be allowed to have ANY spots at all. Continue reading

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Smackdown Recap: 03-12-19

Dancing in the Sheets

Hello, my intended…

Yeah, I know I missed Raw. Had a doctor’s appointment way too early Tuesday morning, so I couldn’t faff about watching Vince and the fam burn money into the wee hours showing us how badly they fucked up another pay-per-view. I have no idea who won what, since I spent the day bouncing around between doctor’s offices and pension departments trying to get my paperwork in order so the tax man doesn’t chew off my clothes come the end of the year. Priorities, right?
Continue reading

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Raw Recap: 03-04-19

ICANN See Trouble On the Way

Hello my intended…

Well, seeing as I had the bright idea to suggest Mike do something with the $10 he spent to re-up the ICANN listing for the ol’ lethalwrestling.com and maybe give some of us our posting privileges back, I guess it’d be a smidge hypocritical if I didn’t belly up to the bar and make use of said privileges once they were returned, hm? So, seeing as it’s Monday night and I still fucking hate myself, might as well hide the sharps and take a look at Raw…

Continue reading

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Wrestlemania 34 Predictions

Well kids, its been awhile. I decided it was a good time to jump back into writing about wrestling so I made the terrible mistake of logging in and here we are. I took a HUGE break from watching wrestling after Benoit turned his name into a verb but I got back in exactly 3 Wrestlemania’s ago. This will be the first time I’ve written about wrestling in well over a decade so make sure you head over to our forum, Shooting Star Press to shit all over it.

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UFC 158: GSP vs Diaz

Hey everyone, it’s me Cruelty. Did you miss me? I’ve been busy getting rich and pampered like GSP while JAV gets high and… high some more like Diaz. So it makes sense that we’d get together and do a podcast to discus GSP vs Diaz. Before this main event this card has mostly marginal fights but there are two that make this worth your time:

Carlos Condit vs Johnny Hendricks
Jake Ellenberger vs Nate Marquardt

These are important fights and the Condit-Hendricks fight should be fucking fireworks. You should listen to us talk about it with JAV’s podcast buddy Jesse:

That Other Sports Show

You’ll hear me called Chris and JAV called Jay because it’s real life so we’re not using stupid internet handles. Then we plug our twitters and you have stupid handles again…

Anyway enjoy the fights!

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In Defense Of Bret Hart

When it comes to writing about wrestling here on the Internet, there is one man who is a more polarizing figure than even John Cena. That man is of course Triple H. You can always count on there being some news about Triple H to write about. Triple H and his place in wrestling is like a solid go to story if you really need something to write about and once again there is a story about Triple H that I just have to write about. Since this is an editorial, I will say up front that I am one of the biggest Bret Hart fans in the world. Every generation of fan has “their guy”. Well Bret Hart is MY guy and I will always defend him to the bitter end. So when I saw the headline “Bret Hart says Triple H is not even in the Top 1000” or that he “Never Had A Great Match”, I just said to myself thank you. Thank you to the wrestling God’s for this gift.

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UFC 155 Predictions for your Earholes

Hey this is Cruelty aka @chriswpower posting here because JAV is too baked to type. We recorded a podcast preview prior to the UFC event last night, then didn’t post it here because apparently we knew deep down that my predictions were going to be embarrassingly wrong. Well if you’re planning to catch the replay, or if you like drunk guys named Chris saying incorrect things about MMA, please check the link below! Also JAV aka Jay and our Portland friend Jesse are on the show and charming. But let’s face it I’m the real money-maker here like when Betty White goes on a sitcom and kills it by rapping or referencing her sexuality.

UFC 155 Predictions on That Other Sports Show

Enjoy the UFC replay, crazy JMMA shows, and don’t impregnate anyone by accident tomorrow night!

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