iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: a/s/l?
Mellow Cobb: 55/m/Texas
Mellow Cobb: you don't mind me being older, do you?
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: GROSS you could be my grandpa! u pervert im only 17!
Mellow Cobb: haha, I'm 20
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: oh lol
Mellow Cobb: I'm also white, and only in this room to make fun of people
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: ok wellz thats mean i g2g
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: bye
Mellow Cobb: no dont leave
Mellow Cobb: I need somebody to talk to
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: ummmm........ ok
Mellow Cobb: see, my cat died
Mellow Cobb: and I'm kinda bummed out
Mellow Cobb: I had him since I was 8
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: ummm...... ok that could be the saddest thing i ever heard
Mellow Cobb: sorry if I made you feel sad, I'm just kinda bleh right now. Pretty depressed.
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: im sorry :'(
Mellow Cobb: it's okay
Mellow Cobb: I joke around when I feel down, that's why I said that stuff. But you're cool, so I don't wanna make fun of you.
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: thanx
Mellow Cobb: so what do you do for fun?
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: guyz
Mellow Cobb: lol, tru dat!
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: what do u do?
Mellow Cobb: write music
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: ok what kind?
Mellow Cobb: I've done some rock, and some rap stuff
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: tell me a rap thing
Mellow Cobb: ok..

Bringin out hostility, from da neck of Crooklyn to bring disability, killin my nigz is a federal crime, just gimme sum time and I'm a gonna get mine. What? What? What? U know it! Now rah rah rah, you know how it is, bring it out to tez house let him bring it on his.

Mellow Cobb: I'm making an album
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: kool
Mellow Cobb: u damn right
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: what r u?
Mellow Cobb: A guy.
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: i know whats ur nationality?
Mellow Cobb: ah, I'm mixed
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: between............?
Mellow Cobb: white and black, that's why I'm doing rock and rap. My white half wants to rock, but my black side unleashes the thug in me
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: oh lol i see said the blind man to his deaf wife
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: lol
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: hehehahahoho
Mellow Cobb: kekekekekekekeke
Mellow Cobb: ^_^
Mellow Cobb: sorry, I was laughing at your joke. My friend from Singapore laughs like that. He calls it AZN laughing
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: lol
Mellow Cobb: so what do you look like? Surely such a nice girl has a cute body to match ;-)
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: ummmm...... i gotz brwn hair and eyes bout 5'4 and tan weigh 110
Mellow Cobb: nice
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: thanx
Mellow Cobb: I look like Lenny Kravitz, except hairier
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: hairier where?
Mellow Cobb: on my head.
Mellow Cobb: like where he cut his hair mine is long
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: which head?
Mellow Cobb: the one with a nose and a mouth
Mellow Cobb: the other one is hairless
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: too much info
Mellow Cobb: hey, you asked
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: lol i know
Mellow Cobb: does your screen name imply that you flirt a lot, or that you're fat and a flirt
Mellow Cobb: a big flirt can be 2 different things
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: i flirt a lot! but if u think 110 lbs. is a lot then im fat too
Mellow Cobb: nah, ur perfect
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: ok
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: thanx
Mellow Cobb: welcome hun
Mellow Cobb: did u watch that thing on MTV about the furries?
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: no
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: oh yeah
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: sex2k?
Mellow Cobb: yeah
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: yeah lol
Mellow Cobb: that was some funny stuff
Mellow Cobb: unless you're a furrie, then it wasn't funny at all
Mellow Cobb: hahahaheohohohohehehe
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: lol
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: kekekekekke
Mellow Cobb: u did it!
Mellow Cobb: awesome!
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: lol
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: i know
Mellow Cobb: so what music you listen to?
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: rap only
Mellow Cobb: aw, but you would like my rock
Mellow Cobb: it's like rap/rock
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: ok
Mellow Cobb: wanna read some of my lyrics?
Mellow Cobb: for my rock songs
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: sure
Mellow Cobb: this one's called "I murdered your family"
Mellow Cobb: Once upon a time, I went on a murder spree
I was on a shooting rampage
I came to your house with my Smith & Wesson
I was a stupid-ass drunk when I was trigger-happy

I murdered your family
I murdered your family
I murdered your family
I murdered your family

At 12:00 midnight, I invaded your home
I capped your brother and sister
I then stalked your mom and dad with the same handgun
Suddenly, I capped both of them in the head

I murdered your family
I murdered your family
I murdered your family
I murdered your family

When the police pulled up, I was done for
They arrested me on four murder charges
They carted me off to jail
They locked me up for killing four innocent people

I murdered your family
I murdered your family
I murdered your family
I murdered your family

Ocean Spray, crave the wave

Mellow Cobb: It's done over a sample of Classical Gas by Mason Williams, so it's slammin thug style
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: omg
Mellow Cobb: I'm trying to be contreversial, so I get on MTV
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: oic
Mellow Cobb: yeah, if I get on MTV do you wanna go to the awards show with me?
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: sure
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: whats ur anme?
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: name*
Mellow Cobb: awesome! I'll wear a furry squirrel suit, and you can wear a shirt that says "I listened to this guy babble on AIM forever and actually saying KEKEKEKEKEKE, thinking it would make me cool, but in reality he isn't cool because his songs aren't that good. Maybe one day he will write songs of a caliber worthy of radio airtime, but until then I will just have sex with him and make him waffles"
Mellow Cobb: I'm Chad
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: lol thats funny
Mellow Cobb: thanks!
Mellow Cobb: so if I make it to the big time, you'll have sex with me and make me waffles. That rules.
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: yeah sure
Mellow Cobb: can you make me the waffles while I have sex with you?
Mellow Cobb: it sounds difficult, but it's not impossible
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: ummm.... ill just put syrup on u then lick it off
Mellow Cobb: no, don't waste the syrup. It's better on waffles
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: damn sorry
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: lol
Mellow Cobb: syrup would just make my squirrel fur sticky, and yiffing would become difficult
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: lol
Mellow Cobb: I wanna yiff
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: ok
Mellow Cobb: you wanna yiff?
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: of course
Mellow Cobb: what you got on?
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: a towel i jus got out of the shower
Mellow Cobb: well damn, I'd say you're dried off by now, you've been talking to me for almost an hour
Mellow Cobb: you can go change into your outfit now
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: i like it like this
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: j/j
Mellow Cobb: lol, well what should I wear? I'm thinking squirrel or six-nippled fox
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: 6 nippled fox
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: lol
Mellow Cobb: ok, you can go ass a fox with a tail that has a spike on the end of it, or you can go as traditional "naked woman"
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: fox
Mellow Cobb: good choice. Let yiffing commence
Mellow Cobb: so I'm going to lay down, and you get on top of me and act like you're riding me, because you really can't ride me, since I lack a penis wearing this suit
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: lol ok
Mellow Cobb: you look incredibly sexy dressed up like a mascot
Mellow Cobb: LOL j/k babe
Mellow Cobb: I'm tired
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: OK
Mellow Cobb: OKKK
Mellow Cobb: kekekekekekeke
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: kekekekeke
Mellow Cobb: LOL!
Mellow Cobb: are you an asian?
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: no im an afghanistan
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: j/j
Mellow Cobb: you're a country?
Mellow Cobb: j/j sweetie LOL
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: im hispanic
Mellow Cobb: ooh mamacita HAHAOAOAO
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: i jus ate at mamacitas last nite
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: lol
Mellow Cobb: lol, you ate a pretty lady?
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: lol yeah
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: no dork
Mellow Cobb: no, but you just said you did!
Mellow Cobb: did you take pictures of the event?
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: lol the restaurant
Mellow Cobb: damn
Mellow Cobb: I was thinking you got all lesbo with a spanish woman
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: lol no
Mellow Cobb: damn. Ever heard of JapScat?
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: no
Mellow Cobb: ooh, you're in for a treat
Mellow Cobb: lay down
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: ok
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: layin.........
Mellow Cobb: u naked?
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: no
Mellow Cobb: well, this doesn't work if you aren't
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: gotta towel oon
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: now i am
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: naked
Mellow Cobb: good deal
Mellow Cobb: okay
Mellow Cobb: *gets on top of you*
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: ok
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: chad on top of me!
Mellow Cobb: I am
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: in my mind you are
Mellow Cobb: yes'
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: ok
Mellow Cobb: and in my mind I'm about to scat on you
iMaSeXyBiGfLiRt: ok what is a scat?
Mellow Cobb: *squats down and shits in your mouth*
Mellow Cobb: you like that?
Mellow Cobb: hello?
Mellow Cobb: HELLO????