JadeWarrior: Did you really send Pat's real picture to somethingawful?
SemiBadAss: of course I did
JadeWarrior: how incredibly shitty of you
JadeWarrior: Pat may not be the best person in the world, but that oversteps boundaries, babe
JadeWarrior: how would you feel if he did something like that to you?
SemiBadAss: I'd probably not lose any sleep over it
JadeWarrior: I highly doubt that
SemiBadAss: well, seeing as how I'm tight with Lowtax - I doubt anything would happen
SemiBadAss: in addition - I'm good looking
JadeWarrior: it wouldn't necessarily need to be somethingawful
JadeWarrior: and because Pat isn't makes it okay? I don't think so
JadeWarrior: you're old enough to know better, Chuck, and I thought you were halfway decent enough not to stoop so low
SemiBadAss: I'm all sorts of fun !
JadeWarrior: oodles, apparently
SemiBadAss: it'll be a good week or two before it's up
JadeWarrior: it shouldn't be up at all
JadeWarrior: it's a shitty thing to do to someone
SemiBadAss: I do, that's why ugly people don't put pics online
SemiBadAss: I mean - HE ASKED FOR IT
JadeWarrior: oh, and since when did you become the judge of who is and isn't ugly?
JadeWarrior: no, he didn't
SemiBadAss: God himself appointed me
JadeWarrior: uh-huh
SemiBadAss: he said - "Son, you can point out ugly people - and I shall banish them to hell - and when you're ready come back up here and we'll watch Survivor and get high."
JadeWarrior: I hope you remember that when karma comes back and bites you on the ass
SemiBadAss: He's a nice guy, real hospitible
SemiBadAss: I am the MASTER of karma
JadeWarrior: so you think
SemiBadAss: so I know
JadeWarrior: heh
SemiBadAss: This Karma Machine only takes quarters
JadeWarrior: uh-huh
SemiBadAss: besides - he started shit with Mandy
SemiBadAss: and he's just OH SO PHOTOSHOP-ABLE
JadeWarrior: and Mandy gave it right back to him
JadeWarrior: I'd say she handled things quite nicely
SemiBadAss: and I jumped in because Mandy is family to me
JadeWarrior: then you should have followed her example and kept it to the forum
JadeWarrior: sending his pic to somethingawful was wrong
SemiBadAss: But somethingawful is the epitome of internet funny
JadeWarrior: and doesn't make you any better than Pat
SemiBadAss: well, that and Dr. Anvil
SemiBadAss: my mere existence makes me better than Pat
JadeWarrior: only in your mind, babe
SemiBadAss: or the fact that I've touched a girl
SemiBadAss: or the fact that I don't hang around with people like those geeks
JadeWarrior: and touching a girl makes someone better?
SemiBadAss: I'd say so !
JadeWarrior: heh, I'll hold back the obvious comeback
SemiBadAss: I'm better than everyone - everyone except VAN
SemiBadAss: VAN's much better than me
JadeWarrior: interesting
SemiBadAss: I usually am
JadeWarrior: sometimes
SemiBadAss: I always look to be a man of action, because that's what the old man should have been
JadeWarrior: it's a shame your actions aren't always what they should be
SemiBadAss: you kids, you take this all too seriously
JadeWarrior: but there IS a line that shouldn't be crossed
SemiBadAss: such as?
JadeWarrior: and that is posting someone's real pic somewhere without their permission
SemiBadAss: I'm not posting it
SemiBadAss: I merely submitted it
JadeWarrior: you gave it to someone else to post--same thing
SemiBadAss: there's no guarantee that it'll go up
SemiBadAss: of course - I can pull strings
SemiBadAss: and I will pull strings
JadeWarrior: it's a low-class move, and it's one I frankly never expected from you
SemiBadAss: mom ?
SemiBadAss: actually, no - my mom would think it was funny
JadeWarrior: I've never been one to hesitate to tell my friends when I think they've done something wrong, babe
SemiBadAss: personally, I find the photoshoppery in the thread to be better than anything
JadeWarrior: I haven't seen that yet
SemiBadAss: I started the ball rolling, trendsetter that I am
SemiBadAss: and I plan on mirroring the thread on DA
SemiBadAss: I think I fell in with the wrong crowd, story of my life you know
SemiBadAss: here I was, promising writer, site admin, site owner - and all I wanted to do was make fun of people
JadeWarrior: heh, nice try, but poor excuse--you're old enough to know better, babe
SemiBadAss: I like to have occasional fun online
SemiBadAss: the interweb is pretty boring unless you make something of it
JadeWarrior: there's better ways to have fun
SemiBadAss: indeed there are, but I mean in my allotted internet time
JadeWarrior: there's better ways to have fun on the net without stooping to such levels
SemiBadAss: no there's not
SemiBadAss: not anymore
JadeWarrior: yes, there is
SemiBadAss: I don't need to look at porn anymore though
JadeWarrior: perhaps you should--it would keep your mind off of childish stunts like that
SemiBadAss: I blame VAN and Cobb
SemiBadAss: they control my thoughts with Zoltar's Death Ray
JadeWarrior: come on, babe, you're a big boy with a brain of your own
SemiBadAss: It's no match for the Death Ray
JadeWarrior: and you're older than both VAN and Cobb
SemiBadAss: and I hear I'm better in bed too
SemiBadAss: but that's not of importance
JadeWarrior: heh
SemiBadAss: Cliff Yablonski Hates Pat
JadeWarrior: and that matters how?
SemiBadAss: because I know a few people that'll laugh REAL good that day
SemiBadAss: and that's all that matters, making the kids laugh
JadeWarrior: there's better ways to do it, babe
JadeWarrior: sending someone's real pic in to be posted for people to laugh at is low-class
JadeWarrior: and you know it
SemiBadAss: well, toss me in the trailer and get me a Schlitz - because I'm a low-class mofo
JadeWarrior: that's too bad
JadeWarrior: I rather believed you capable of being better than that
SemiBadAss: I try not to live up to my expectations
JadeWarrior: that's too bad
SemiBadAss: someday I can be the next VAN
JadeWarrior: I'm sure he'll be happy to hear that
SemiBadAss: I'm sure he will