SoilentKev:  hey jade, i had this chick on AOL ask me to cyber.....I've like, never done that before. Any tips?
JadeWarrior:  sorry sweetness, don't know what to tell you
SoilentKev:  awe
SoilentKev:  :(
SoilentKev:  k
JadeWarrior:  any reason why you'd ask me?
SoilentKev:  uhm....Chuck told me you cyber a lot
JadeWarrior:  how would Chuck know something like that?
JadeWarrior:  I don't talk to him
SoilentKev:  dunno
SoilentKev:  you've never cybered with him?
SoilentKev:  he told me you did
JadeWarrior:  nope
JadeWarrior:  never did
SoilentKev:  never cybered with anyone?
SoilentKev:  :(
SoilentKev:  i need someone with experience here
JadeWarrior:  smooched him, but no cyber
SoilentKev:  ....
SoilentKev:  who would you suggest i ask about this?
SoilentKev:  this girl wont stop bothering me, i gotta do something to shut her up
SoilentKev:  .....what about Jim? Or Neo?
JadeWarrior:  do you want to cyber with her?
JadeWarrior:  if not, just tell her you're not into it
SoilentKev:  well she said she was ready.....and im watching "Everyone Loves Raymond" I'm pretty damn horny right now
JadeWarrior:  well, it's your choice, just let her take the lead and you follow
SoilentKev:  oh
SoilentKev:  so, like, how do i, uh, yknow.....masturbate....and still type?
SoilentKev:  im not good at one handed typing
JadeWarrior:  you can ask Jim or NEO, but I dunno if they've had that kind of experience
JadeWarrior:  babe, I can't help you with that
SoilentKev:  .....
SoilentKev:  but im confused
SoilentKev:  i wish i had a 3rd arm!
JadeWarrior:  heehee
SoilentKev:  damnit....mandy isnt on and shes the only other girl i know who can give me some tips on this
SoilentKev:  so how dirty should i get with her? 
JadeWarrior:  that sucks, babe
JadeWarrior:  that's up to you, babe
SoilentKev:  how far would you suggest?
SoilentKev:  should i tell her im feeling my penis?
JadeWarrior:  tell her whatever you want if you think that's what she's looking for
SoilentKev:  well, you're a girl, what do females look for on "that side" of the comp during a hot cyber session?
JadeWarrior:  I wouldn't know, babe
SoilentKev:  oh come on, youve never done that before?
SoilentKev:  :(
JadeWarrior:  different girls, different styles
SoilentKev:  how come Chuck and all them joke about it then
SoilentKev:  they wouldnt make something up :(
JadeWarrior:  yes, they would
SoilentKev:  why?
JadeWarrior:  they tell everyone I've cheated on my husband when I haven't
JadeWarrior:  I wish I knew
SoilentKev:  ......why would they say that then?
SoilentKev:  I think they're mean
JadeWarrior:  ask them
SoilentKev:  they're all nice to me
SoilentKev:  but
SoilentKev:  i dunno
JadeWarrior:  I'm sure they are
JadeWarrior:  you're a cool guy
SoilentKev:  why don't they like you though?
JadeWarrior:  I don't know
SoilentKev:  hey....this girl just said her nipples are hard
SoilentKev:  whats a good reply to that?
SoilentKev:  this is kinda fun...
JadeWarrior:  heh, you can tell her what's hard on you :)
SoilentKev:  thinking dirty stuff to say :)
JadeWarrior:  go for it, babe--have fun
SoilentKev:  heh
SoilentKev:  thanks!
JadeWarrior:  no prob, enjoy
SoilentKev:  i should go get a sock or something
JadeWarrior:  heh
JadeWarrior:  you don't have to share all the details, babe :)
SoilentKev:  :(
SoilentKev:  k --part1_131.3dbf143.291238e1_boundary--