StylinHG: is that the best you can do? Pretend to be a girl?
SemiBadAss: ha - you think that was me?
SemiBadAss: flattered - but I don't play a chick that well
StylinHG: Well if you didnt change your info
StylinHG: I could prove it
StylinHG: but I checked your info dumbass and it matched
SemiBadAss: like I care if you prove it?
SemiBadAss: I'd admit it
StylinHG: That you moonlight as a frat chick?
StylinHG: you werent going to?
SemiBadAss: in fact - here's proof of me being a chick
StylinHG: why do you think I didnt answer you after that jackass?
StylinHG: you little bitches have a trophy case
StylinHG: like spelling bees?
StylinHG: and math quizes you won?
SemiBadAss: absolutely
StylinHG: you guys are fucked up
SemiBadAss: we have fun
StylinHG: if that is the best you can do than dont bother me anymore
StylinHG: you posted shit first
StylinHG: I retaliated
StylinHG: and I always will
SemiBadAss: as did I
SemiBadAss: and I will too
StylinHG: well bring it on
SemiBadAss: we have been
StylinHG: Its pitiful
SemiBadAss: and it'll continue until my forum stops getting spammed
StylinHG: well talk to the spammer dickhead
StylinHG: not me
StylinHG: I have never spammed anything
StylinHG: I wouldnt waste my time
SemiBadAss: not what I've heard
StylinHG: when everyone else does it
StylinHG: yeah but you also heard that a 2 inch dick is big too but it isnt
SemiBadAss: well, I feel bad for the guy with the 2 inch dick
StylinHG: its too bad you loathe yourself so much that you have to pretend to be someone else
StylinHG: you have deep issues
StylinHG: you need to work them out
StylinHG: when you do
SemiBadAss: I adore myself actually
StylinHG: come back and play
StylinHG: run along
SemiBadAss: why don't you block me again?
StylinHG: I logged off I had things to do
SemiBadAss: sorry - the spamming stops - we stop - it's that simple
StylinHG: I can block you if it makes you feel better
StylinHG: but your not doing anything?
SemiBadAss: I have other screen names
StylinHG: you do?
StylinHG: Wow!
SemiBadAss: sure
StylinHG: that is rad
StylinHG: you are one slick rick
StylinHG: youve got it all sortyed out
SemiBadAss: I know - the other kids think I'm so cool too
SemiBadAss: it's easy to be envious of me
StylinHG: Why cause you run a forum board?
StylinHG: muahahahahahaahhaahaha
StylinHG: run along forum boy
SemiBadAss: I run the best damn opionion site on the web bub
SemiBadAss: you write for one - what does that make you?
StylinHG: A man with a hobby
SemiBadAss: it's ok, I'm not a chick - you can put the dick in your pants and type
StylinHG: Ill whip it out on your forehead
SemiBadAss: would you feel better if I let you rub my nipples?
StylinHG: would you feel better if you had a life?
StylinHG: and stop annoying people?
SemiBadAss: I have a great life actually
SemiBadAss: I find htis fun
SemiBadAss: *this
StylinHG: this is fun?
StylinHG: fuckin hell
SemiBadAss: this is immense fun - for when I'm bored
StylinHG: youre bored a lot
SemiBadAss: mostly late at night
SemiBadAss: but I'm off today and killing time until I go out drinking with my pals and the woman
StylinHG: did I have a hat on saying talk to me about your life - Im interested?
SemiBadAss: well, you accused me of not having a life
SemiBadAss: not that i have to prove it or anything
StylinHG: did I ask you to tell me about it?
SemiBadAss: but my ego needs stroking - much like your cock when you talk to girls on AOL
StylinHG: did I ask you to talk to me?
SemiBadAss: actually - you messaged me first sizzlechest
StylinHG: thats brilliant - you learn it off a movie?
SemiBadAss: nah - I'm just gifted
StylinHG: yeah for missing a chromosone
StylinHG: you have reached timmy status
StylinHG: last message now - run along
SemiBadAss: I'm beating on my chest - just like a retard would!
StylinHG: make sure it doesnt go on the keyboard - make it go all in Phires mouth?
SemiBadAss: is that a question?
StylinHG: I dont know whos sucking you off
StylinHG: Your sister?
StylinHG: Your gym teacher?
SemiBadAss: are you asking me to shoot it in his mouth or telling me?
StylinHG: The mailman?
SemiBadAss: no no, the mailman and I ha a tiff - we aren't fucking anymore
StylinHG: hell I dont care - your the one beating off
SemiBadAss: nope - don't need the computer for that...unlike someone I know
StylinHG: Cobb?
StylinHG: New Guy?
StylinHG: Dont get all righteous on me
StylinHG: you beat off to porn in the middle of the night when your lonely
SemiBadAss: I was thinking you...seeing as how you wow the AOL girls with that deft cybering lingo
StylinHG: and dream of really getting laid
StylinHG: yeah Im a smooth operator
SemiBadAss: I can tell
SemiBadAss: are you looking up "deft" in the dictionary?
StylinHG: If you think that would embarrass me - you really have no idea
StylinHG: how bout you look up arse
StylinHG: and horses
SemiBadAss: no my college degree insinuates that I know what a horse is
SemiBadAss: as for asre - I'm talking to one in this convo
StylinHG: you have a degree in Animal Husbandry?
StylinHG: Its rude to talk to others mid conversation?
SemiBadAss: well, no - but they teach us what a horse is in Kindergarden here in America
SemiBadAss: try reading it again
SemiBadAss: i said this convo
SemiBadAss: hnce your joke made little to no sense
SemiBadAss: *hence