JadeWarrior: "Sweetness", we need to have a chat
Madame Crisco: sweetness, !!
JadeWarrior: what the fuck is your deal--IMing my friends pretending to be me?
Madame Crisco: I, am not you, silly britches
Madame Crisco: I, am Madame Crisco
JadeWarrior: that's not what I'm hearing
Madame Crisco: I write erotic literature
JadeWarrior: and you just happened to decide to start IMing people I know around here as a coincidence, is that right?
Madame Crisco: it, is a coincidence, because I want the boys to read my erotic literature
JadeWarrior: well, you've certainly picked the wrong way to go about it
Madame Crisco: yes, maybe I should cyber with them first
JadeWarrior: maybe you should get over yourself, Cobb
Madame Crisco: I, am not cobb. cobb wouldn't read my literature
Madame Crisco: he blocked me
Madame Crisco: *sadness*
JadeWarrior: surrrrrrrrrre
Madame Crisco: why, do you hate Madame Crisco
JadeWarrior: Simple--copyright infringement never fails to annoy me
Madame Crisco: oh, so you, own the rights to write erotic literature and cyber them first? I am sorry, perhaps I will write for the magazines instead, sweetness
JadeWarrior: drop all the Jade-isms, such as the green and the "sweetness" talk, and leave my friends alone, and we'll be just fine
Madame Crisco: you, are crazy!
Madame Crisco: you cannot own a color, or a word,!
JadeWarrior: you can write all the "erotic literature" you want and cyber with whoever you like--just don't do it in green
JadeWarrior: Sorry, it's already been done
Madame Crisco: I am going to post in green, at Team Awesome
JadeWarrior: heh, go right ahead
JadeWarrior: somehow I doubt Tommy will approve
Madame Crisco: Mob owns it, now
Madame Crisco: runs it rather, sweetness
JadeWarrior: oh, really?
Madame Crisco: yes, really, britches fox
JadeWarrior: well then, I can see why you'd be posting for him then
Madame Crisco: yes, I *sucked his balls*
Madame Crisco: and he read one of my stories
JadeWarrior: I bet you did
JadeWarrior: I've heard he likes that
Madame Crisco: he, loves it
Madame Crisco: I showed him my breasts with "property of king mob" on top of them, written, on a little card
JadeWarrior: I'm surprised he had you do it for him, I thought he had DG around for that
Madame Crisco: DG looks normal, I despise her
Madame Crisco: I wish I wasn't so big
JadeWarrior: awwwwwwwww, you poor dear
Madame Crisco: I will be, ok though
Madame Crisco: I will go have, sex with anonymous men
Madame Crisco: it will, be ok is what I tell myself
JadeWarrior: really? I wouldn't recommend that--they might not be who you thought they were
Madame Crisco: It's ok, though. You see, my husband, has erectile dysfunction, and I need a dix, fix, sweetness
JadeWarrior: they might turn out to be insecure little children who can't do shit with their own lives, so they occupy themselves with other peoples
Madame Crisco: my yellow, dildo will not do
JadeWarrior: poor thing
Madame Crisco: I will be, ok :-D
JadeWarrior: Cobb, you really need to get over this
Madame Crisco: I, am not, Cobb
Madame Crisco: silly britches
JadeWarrior: oh, but I think you are
Madame Crisco: no, cobb blocked me
Madame Crisco: that outback man, rhubarb told me to talk to him
JadeWarrior: only Cobb would waste his time obsessing over someone else's life instead of his own
Madame Crisco: no, cobb told me he was writing a paper, and that I was lame *sadness*
JadeWarrior: surrrrrrrrrrre
JadeWarrior: sorry, but for some reason, I'm just having a hard time buying that
Madame Crisco: believe, what you will
Madame Crisco: I will post at Team Awesome, some erotic literature
Madame Crisco: and it will, be good
Madame Crisco: and green
JadeWarrior: heh, I can imagine
JadeWarrior: post away, sweetness--you'll only make yourself look stupid
Madame Crisco: no, I am great *smooches*. I have faith in myself, and in my writing ability
JadeWarrior: I'm sure you do--too bad it's wasted in trying to insult someone who never did you harm
Madame Crisco: you, are the one that messaged, me
JadeWarrior: and you are the one who started it all by messaging my friends
JadeWarrior: why not simply message me?
Madame Crisco: I was trying, to get someone to read my erotic literature
JadeWarrior: I'm sure you were
JadeWarrior: why not send me your work?
Madame Crisco: because, you haven't been nice to me
JadeWarrior: I'm certainly qualified to read it
Madame Crisco: you will see it at Team Awesome at phantasmo.com
JadeWarrior: I'm sure I will
JadeWarrior: you know, it's odd that you chose to approach all my friends, but you ignored me--why would that be?
Madame Crisco: ok, then. I will now finish my next piece of slash fiction
JadeWarrior: go right ahead
Madame Crisco: ok, bye *smooches*