SBALethal: Hey Dumbfuck - leave Alicia alone before I give you some real problems
Chick Magnet 2K1: /me is afraid of scrawny boys in buffalo. for real. DONT HURT ME!
SBALethal: trust me fucko - if I want to fuck you over - I can and I will
Chick Magnet 2K1: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW please try psycho killer
SBALethal: yeah - I'm the psycho
Chick Magnet 2K1: yeah. ya are
SBALethal: sure thing stalker boy
Chick Magnet 2K1: whos a stalker? and who are you speaking of? Oh morgan. well im done with that whore. im not gonna make a webpage in memory of her either, headjob.
SBALethal: yeah, why don't you fly out there and go after Fairplay you fag
Chick Magnet 2K1: No. Why should I? Oh and what makes you think he's a fag? He is fucking Morgan and all. You know from experience? Why don't you go somewhere and grow a life.
SBALethal: why don't you go stalk someone else pizzafag
Chick Magnet 2K1: Why don't you go get a new shirt DX boy. Hey SBA DX was over a year and a half ago. Fucking Mark.
SBALethal: hahaha - is that really the best you can do psycho stalker pizza fag?
Chick Magnet 2K1: Well it apparently worked, cause you can't come up with any new material. You keep hasing over the same old stories and it's alittle old. Go find something else to do, like rifle through your mom's underwear drawer and sniff away.
SBALethal: dude - how good are the psycho insults - it's more original than anything you come up with
SBALethal: I mean you called me a mark
SBALethal: that's reaching
Chick Magnet 2K1: Well concidering you only come up with shit you know nothing about, it's pretty lame. See I know for a fact about you mom's underwear. She told me about it when I was skull fucking her. Oh she knows dude. The secret is out.
SBALethal: mom jokes, jesus I wish I was Cobb so I could hear your fat jokes
Chick Magnet 2K1: I mean. You come at me with shit you heard from a dumb ass, attention grabbing, gutterslut, and you expect me to go all out on you? Nigger please. Go bother someone else if you are bored.
SBALethal: I'm just making sure you know not to fuck with Alicia Supercuts reject
Chick Magnet 2K1: Dude. A I'm not "fucking" with Alicia. b. It's none of your buisness. and finally c. Why sould I listen to a word you have to say? you spout more bullshit than a politician. Get a life, and stay away from mine. God damn the nerve of some people.
SBALethal: face it Jerry - you are my bitch now
SBALethal: you can run, but you can't hide
Chick Magnet 2K1: Do you wanna fuck me or something? Leave me alone.
SBALethal: until you leave her alone - I'll be on you like stink on shit
Chick Magnet 2K1: Im really afraid. Do your best HAX0R 3l33T!
SBALethal: if that's what you want
Chick Magnet 2K1: Go ahead. Make my day.
SBALethal: you've been warned