SEXX GURL x0x0: hey a/s?
StylinHG: 22/m
StylinHG: you?
SEXX GURL x0x0: 20/f
StylinHG: cool whats going on?
SEXX GURL x0x0: not a lot, just chillin out, bored as all hell
StylinHG: Im bored too - so have you got a pic?
SEXX GURL x0x0: no, sorry :-(
StylinHG: I dont but I have a webca,
StylinHG: webcam
SEXX GURL x0x0: wow, I was talking to my roomate about getting one of those, apparently they're cheap, or so she says
StylinHG: theyre pretty cool - quality isnt excellent but its ok
StylinHG: theyre fun to use too
SEXX GURL x0x0: yeah, I may go buy one when I get my next paycheck ;-)
StylinHG: well if you need any help with it
SEXX GURL x0x0: sure, thanx! I'll be sure to tell you if I need help
SEXX GURL x0x0: so, what do u do for fun?
StylinHG: I surf a lot
StylinHG: I also muck around on here
StylinHG: and I work
StylinHG: what do you do for fun?
SEXX GURL x0x0: well, I'm in a sorority (Alpha Omicron Pi), which means I'm busy 99% of the time. I play intramural basketball, and party a lot
StylinHG: So youre at university?
StylinHG: I have finished
StylinHG: I used to party way too much
SEXX GURL x0x0: yeah, I'm at the university of Georgia
SEXX GURL x0x0: 2nd year
StylinHG: oh ok - I am in New SOuth Wales Australia]
SEXX GURL x0x0: ah, an aussie boy, I LUV aussie accents
StylinHG: aussies seem to be pretty popular around the world lol
SEXX GURL x0x0: lol, u just got that accent!
SEXX GURL x0x0: it's great
StylinHG: its the g'day that gets you huh?
SEXX GURL x0x0: hehe, yep
StylinHG: so do you live in like a big house with heaps of other girls?
SEXX GURL x0x0: I could have, but me and my sorority sister live in the residence halls. I guess we just like privacy, they're way crazier than us
StylinHG: so whats your drink of choice?
SEXX GURL x0x0: long island iced tea, by far
StylinHG: I love rum - Beer and rum
SEXX GURL x0x0: cant go wrong with beer
StylinHG: except in england where they serve it warm - yuck!
SEXX GURL x0x0: oh god i could never drink warm beer
SEXX GURL x0x0: its cold or nothing with me lol
StylinHG: We have ours ice cold - its the only way
SEXX GURL x0x0: of course :-)
StylinHG: Everyone thinks youre a bit of a fag if you dont drink beer around here
SEXX GURL x0x0: its not that bad around here, i just prefer to get a lil tipsy at parties
StylinHG: just to keep your wits about you huh?
StylinHG: its probably a good ides
StylinHG: idea
SEXX GURL x0x0: yea, i dont get too out of it
SEXX GURL x0x0: just enough to lighten my mood :-)
StylinHG: I used to get blotto every second day - needless to say my grades werent too good - but I made it through and have a job so thats cool
SEXX GURL x0x0: yea, in the end that's all that counts
SEXX GURL x0x0: just gotta get through it and get a job
StylinHG: What are you studying to be?
SEXX GURL x0x0: communications major
StylinHG: so are you going to be on TV Radio or Print?
SEXX GURL x0x0: I'm hoping TV, but radio is cool too, you can get away with so much on the radio
StylinHG: I will watch for you
StylinHG: umm, what do you look like? lol
SEXX GURL x0x0: lol, 5'4'', around 120 lbs, shoulder length brown hair, and green eyes
StylinHG: cool - I look tall dark and handsome lol
SEXX GURL x0x0: lol, sounds nice...
StylinHG: Im actually 5 ft 11 I dont know pounds and blue eyes brown hair
SEXX GURL x0x0: thats cool! sounds good to me ;-)
StylinHG: well you sound pretty good too
SEXX GURL x0x0: thanx:-)
StylinHG: no probs - so why the name?
SEXX GURL x0x0: lol, because Sexy gurl was taken
SEXX GURL x0x0: and well, I'm known to be pretty good in the sack, so thus I got the name
StylinHG: so your a sexy girl?
SEXX GURL x0x0: hehe, thats what i've been told
StylinHG: so youre good in the sack?
SEXX GURL x0x0: well, i've never had any complaints ;-)
StylinHG: and do you think your good?
StylinHG: it helps to have confidence
StylinHG: lol
SEXX GURL x0x0: well, I do aim to please
SEXX GURL x0x0: so yes, I think i'm good
StylinHG: do you have a boyfriend?
SEXX GURL x0x0: nah, I like to keep my options open
StylinHG: works for me
SEXX GURL x0x0: hehe, I'm sure it does
StylinHG: so what do you like to do in bed?
StylinHG: what makes you wet?
SEXX GURL x0x0: honestly, anything short of anal is fair game
StylinHG: whips, chains, circus midgets?
SEXX GURL x0x0: lol, well not any bondage. I don't count spanking as bondage though, I LOVE to be spanked
StylinHG: do you like being tied up?
SEXX GURL x0x0: depends on whats being done to me after i'm tied up
StylinHG: what about oral sex?
StylinHG: do you swallow?
SEXX GURL x0x0: hell yes
StylinHG: do you like 69ing?
SEXX GURL x0x0: lol, yer gettin me all worked up over here!
StylinHG: hah!
SEXX GURL x0x0: 69 is fun, I enjoy it
StylinHG: what time is it there?
SEXX GURL x0x0: here in GA it's 12:48 am
StylinHG: so youre all alone and horny?
SEXX GURL x0x0: yea...
StylinHG: wheres your room mate?
SEXX GURL x0x0: downstairs watching a movie with some friends
StylinHG: why arent you watching?
SEXX GURL x0x0: I had to check my email, and plus i've seen the movie, and I didn't like it, so I figured I would stay here
StylinHG: whats the movie?
SEXX GURL x0x0: Hollow Man
StylinHG: I havent seen it
SEXX GURL x0x0: dont waste your time
SEXX GURL x0x0: its horrible
StylinHG: I dont care much for movies - I prefer real activities
SEXX GURL x0x0: hehe, I agree ;-)
StylinHG: like sex
SEXX GURL x0x0: just what I was thinking
StylinHG: dirty sex
SEXX GURL x0x0: hell yes
StylinHG: do you like sex on here too?
SEXX GURL x0x0: I take it any way I can get it ;-)
StylinHG: Do you cyber much?
SEXX GURL x0x0: not a lot, but I have before
StylinHG: so you actually masturbate while typing?
SEXX GURL x0x0: I have, yes
SEXX GURL x0x0: what about u? Do you cyber much?
StylinHG: I havent
StylinHG: I talk about it but thats basically it
StylinHG: I like to talk about it
SEXX GURL x0x0: me too
StylinHG: Ill cyber with you if you feel like getting off?
SEXX GURL x0x0: well, u did get me worked up :-*
StylinHG: so tell me what youre wearing?
SEXX GURL x0x0: right now, I have on a white baby tee, a pair of green plaid boxers, and a robe
StylinHG: so your tits are free basically?
SEXX GURL x0x0: yeah, they're free
StylinHG: tell me about them? big small? big nipples?
StylinHG: colour of nipples?
SEXX GURL x0x0: 34C, pretty full, pretty normal nipples, pink
StylinHG: is it cold there?
SEXX GURL x0x0: kinda, they like keeping it cold in this building. If yer wanting to know if they're hard, they are, but not because it's cold ;-)
StylinHG: what about your pussy? do you shave it?
SEXX GURL x0x0: completely shaven
SEXX GURL x0x0: I can't stand to have any hair down there
StylinHG: sound nice
SEXX GURL x0x0: thanx ;-)
SEXX GURL x0x0: so what about you, what do you have down there?
StylinHG: and is it wet now?
SEXX GURL x0x0: its getting there :-)
StylinHG: I have about 7 1/2 inches
StylinHG: a little hair
SEXX GURL x0x0: is it hard right now?
StylinHG: its getting harder by the moment
StylinHG: so you dont have a picture?
SEXX GURL x0x0: wow, ok, now i'm really worked up!
SEXX GURL x0x0: no, i'm so sorry :-(
StylinHG: bummer
StylinHG: do you have a mic?
SEXX GURL x0x0: nope
SEXX GURL x0x0: sorry again :'(
StylinHG: lol thats ok
StylinHG: it would be nice to hear you
SEXX GURL x0x0: yea, that wouldve been fun
StylinHG: I could tell you what Id like to do to you
SEXX GURL x0x0: I wish I could see u on your webcam :'(
SEXX GURL x0x0: ooh, do tell
StylinHG: Well first of all Id like to suck on your tits
StylinHG: and nibble on your nipples
SEXX GURL x0x0: that would be quite nice
SEXX GURL x0x0: hehe, I love that idea
StylinHG: and then I would start moving my fingers towards your pussy
SEXX GURL x0x0: mmmm, that sounds so nice
SEXX GURL x0x0: you're getting me so wet
StylinHG: are your boxers getting damp?
SEXX GURL x0x0: what boxers? I locked the door and took them off, along with the robe ;-)
SEXX GURL x0x0: what about you? you getting a little precum on that cock of yours?
StylinHG: oh yeah its safe to say its hard as a rock now
SEXX GURL x0x0: mmm, let me see baby, don't be shy
StylinHG: Its throbbing
StylinHG: I think I might slide afinger into your wet pussy now
StylinHG: that feel good?
SEXX GURL x0x0: mmm, that's so nice
StylinHG: maybe Ill start licking your clit too
StylinHG: while moving in and out with my finger
SEXX GURL x0x0: mmm, you definitely know what you're doing
StylinHG: it tastes great
StylinHG: your clit is hard
SEXX GURL x0x0: yes, yes it is lol
StylinHG: and swollen
SEXX GURL x0x0: i'm glad you like it baby
StylinHG: its nice
StylinHG: are you rubbing your clit now?
SEXX GURL x0x0: yeah baby, so forgive me if I type a little slower
SEXX GURL x0x0: mmm, turn on that webcam baby, let me see that big hard cock of yours, I wanna think about it being in my pussy while I get off
StylinHG signed off at 1:22:59 AM.
StylinHG signed on at 1:29:37 AM.
SEXX GURL x0x0: Glad you're back, I didn't wanna cum all by myself ;-)
StylinHG: i keep getting booted!
StylinHG signed off at 1:30:30 AM.