gritdaddy: I heard the funniest thing today....I heard you're a raving psychopath retard!
Chick Magnet 2K1: I heard your mom was a hooker. We all hear funny shit.
gritdaddy: yes, but my mom dosen't cry over petty shit and hack email accounts
Chick Magnet 2K1: who hacked an email account? i was told a password by the owner of the account, and i used it.
Chick Magnet 2K1: whats wrong with that?
gritdaddy: I doubt Alicia would let you know that info
Chick Magnet 2K1: no, but morgan did.. have a nice day.
gritdaddy: killing Morgan and Jonny isn't the answer, I say KILL YOURSELF, PLEASE
Chick Magnet 2K1: who said i was going to do that? go back to the ward.
gritdaddy: cut your hair
Chick Magnet 2K1: its already out of my head. like a give a fuck about those 2 little pre pubesent little girls. get a life.
gritdaddy: seems to me like you're extremely bitter
Chick Magnet 2K1: nope.
gritdaddy: I mean, look at your buddy icon
Chick Magnet 2K1: oh shit i DO need to change that huh
Chick Magnet 2K1: hahaha
gritdaddy: my suggestion: take that morgan shrine off your wall. Rip all the pictures of your head on Jonny's body down, and throw those black candles out the window
gritdaddy: get over it
Chick Magnet 2K1: that was just from me and morgan breaking up. it doesnt apply now.
Chick Magnet 2K1: what?
Chick Magnet 2K1: i dont have any pictures of morgan, nor would i want them.
gritdaddy: BULL SHIT
gritdaddy: you go bukkake on them every night
Chick Magnet 2K1: sorry, but itz troo
gritdaddy: they're cloudy enough, make new copies
Chick Magnet 2K1: hahahaha. youd like to think that
gritdaddy: no, I KNOW that
Chick Magnet 2K1: okay. well you keep deluting yourself. have a nice day.
Chick Magnet 2K1: well im sorry for you.
gritdaddy: I'm sorry for your lame job, and your supercuts 'do
Chick Magnet 2K1: Hey. I make more money than you think, and thats what its all about right?
Chick Magnet 2K1: hey thanks for the heads up on the icon. i forgot about it.
gritdaddy: thanks for the heads up on your killer instinct. I'll make sure to lay garlic around my bed, and put a cumguard over my asshole while I sleep
Chick Magnet 2K1: you do that. i heard about you dad too. tragic.
gritdaddy: yeah, it happens though
Chick Magnet 2K1: it does. its a very sad story. hope you are okay.
gritdaddy: ha, you go from psycho to well, psycho with your buddy icons
Chick Magnet 2K1: i wasnt psycho to begin with. just upset and broken hearted. dont you have anything better to do than drill me on something you know nothing about? oh wait, you do know something, the other side of the story. have a nice day.