Lancelot Link X: Keep off of Morgan
Lancelot Link X: leave her alone, man
Chick Magnet 2K1: whos on her?
Chick Magnet 2K1: jesus. is she stirring up the pot yet again?
Lancelot Link X: don't play dumb, I know how jealous you are
Chick Magnet 2K1: Jealous of what?
Lancelot Link X: she told me you "loved" her. Well there's only one man she loves and it's me, Lancelot Link
Chick Magnet 2K1: heh. anyhow....
Lancelot Link X: she gave me some of your AIM convos with her
Lancelot Link X: you need to stop it
Lancelot Link X: seriously
Chick Magnet 2K1: no i do not "love" her. i think shes a lying, cheating, coniving cuntrifle. you assume to know me.
Lancelot Link X: if you ever get near her, I will get Bart Starr to kill your ass
Chick Magnet 2K1: question. would you walk up to someone in broad daylight and be this bold?
Chick Magnet 2K1: and im not afraid of that old man.. hahahaha. good tie in with the state though
Lancelot Link X: I'm Lancelot Link, I fear nobody, especially your dork ass
Chick Magnet 2K1: i dont want to get near her. i might come down with something.. heh
Chick Magnet 2K1: i didnt ask if you feared me.
Chick Magnet 2K1: of course you dont.. this is a computer.
Lancelot Link X: you weren't afraid of her VD when you wanted to fly to portland and fuck her, were you?
Chick Magnet 2K1: well A that wasnt my intent on flying to portland
Lancelot Link X: what was your intent?
Chick Magnet 2K1: and B, I didnt know her as well. Now that I do, I wouldnt touch her with your hands holding a 10 foot pole.
Lancelot Link X: making an 18 year old girl a stepmom when she has her whole life ahead of her?
Chick Magnet 2K1: hey... she was the one that said she wanted to get married.. not me
Lancelot Link X: I think you wanted to ride her golfing career to the top
Chick Magnet 2K1: hmmm. lemee think about it no.
Lancelot Link X: because she's good, she beats my ass at golf all the time
Chick Magnet 2K1: well thats your fault, not mine.
Chick Magnet 2K1: listen. im sick of you guys imming me, thinking you know the whole story.. you really dont
Lancelot Link X: no, but it is your fault that she's afraid you're going to kill her, you stalking psychopath
Chick Magnet 2K1: so just leave it be. i dont want to talk to that cunt anymore. end of discussion
Lancelot Link X: you sick fuck, take your guns and use them on yourself
Chick Magnet 2K1: AWWWWW! well it seems shes been building it up alot more than i thought.
Lancelot Link X: you're a pathetic excuse for a human, I hope someone calls social services on you and gets your kid taken to a home that cares for the child
Chick Magnet 2K1: listen.. fact is, i dont want to meet morgan. i dont want to talk to her. i dont even want to hear her name again. rest assured if you were in my face, your legs would be broken at this point, but being as level headed as i am, im going to give you a chance to leave me alone, like an adult.
Lancelot Link X: you couldn't get the chance to touch me, let alone break my legs
Lancelot Link X: you're all talk, pizzafag
Chick Magnet 2K1: am i?
Lancelot Link X: all talk and no action
Chick Magnet 2K1: well how about i cash in those tickets just to kick your ass everyday for a week.
Lancelot Link X: bring that shit on
Chick Magnet 2K1: thatd be fun. golf is for pussies anyway
Chick Magnet 2K1: no challenge there
Lancelot Link X: golf is fun when you're cracking a pizza delivery boy's skull with a driver
Chick Magnet 2K1: i know kicking your ass wont hurt your feelings, so ill break all your clubs too. oh and you need weapons? what a pussy.
Lancelot Link X: no, it just makes it more fun
Lancelot Link X: you and your shitty supercuts hairdo, you couldn't hurt a flea
Chick Magnet 2K1: yeah. like youll get the chance to use your shitty clubs.
Chick Magnet 2K1: suuuure. you know me dont you.
Lancelot Link X: what are you gonna do, shoot me?
Lancelot Link X: mr. big tough gunman?
Lancelot Link X: hi, I'm Jerry and I carry guns around like a dumbfuck and obsess over internet women
Chick Magnet 2K1: nope. ill just beat your ass with my bare hands. who needs a gun to shoot a faggety assed girl such as yourself?
Lancelot Link X: as I said, TRY IT
Lancelot Link X: I don't think you could handle me, Lancelot Link
Chick Magnet 2K1: HAHAHA. youre named after a fictional knight, and a video game.. youre reeeeeal intimidating.
Lancelot Link X: you haven't seen intimidation yet
Lancelot Link X: here, here's what I look like
Lancelot Link X wants to directly connect.
Chick Magnet 2K1 declines request; no connection was made.
Lancelot Link X wants to directly connect.
Chick Magnet 2K1 cancels request; no connection was made.
Chick Magnet 2K1: shit.
Chick Magnet 2K1: dont try to send me shit
Lancelot Link X: oh, so you don't wanna see who's coming to kill your ass?
Lancelot Link X: because I am intimidating
Lancelot Link X: trust me
Chick Magnet 2K1: come on.... i wont have to waste the money
Lancelot Link X: well, here's some food for thought then
Lancelot Link X wants to directly connect.
Chick Magnet 2K1 is now directly connected.
Chick Magnet 2K1 direct connection is closed.
Lancelot Link X: you keep rejecting my picture
Lancelot Link X: I think you're afraid
Lancelot Link X: afraid to see what's coming for you
Chick Magnet 2K1: nada
Lancelot Link X: well, prove it
Chick Magnet 2K1: just not accepting garbage
Chick Magnet 2K1: prove it how.
Lancelot Link X: accept the pic
Lancelot Link X: prove you're not scared
Chick Magnet 2K1: nothing i say youll believe, cause youre brainwashed by that little girl
Lancelot Link X: no, that little girl is afraid of your psycho ass
Lancelot Link X: you are 8 years older than her, leave her alone
Chick Magnet 2K1: GOOD! now go away, you bother me.
Chick Magnet 2K1: im not 8 years older than her
Lancelot Link X: 18-26
Lancelot Link X: you stupid fuck
Chick Magnet 2K1: I SAID I DIDNT WANT TO TALK TO HER STUPID ASS ANYMORE! get the hint sizzle chest.
Chick Magnet 2K1: im 25 moron
Lancelot Link X: ok, 7 years
Chick Magnet 2K1: well it isnt 8 is it?
Lancelot Link X: no matter, you're still a cradle robber
Chick Magnet 2K1: no. shes legal.. and she came on to me.
Lancelot Link X: you stupid bolognafuck
Chick Magnet 2K1: so fuck of yo.
Lancelot Link X: fuck of yo? is that some sort of chinese soup?
Chick Magnet 2K1: bologna???? be original.
Lancelot Link X: and sizzle chest is original?
Chick Magnet 2K1: a whole lot more than talking about food
Chick Magnet 2K1: jesus
Chick Magnet 2K1: you must be fat
Lancelot Link X: right, go shoot some guns you psycho bastard, and shoot your fucking kid so he dosen't have to go through the teenage angst of knowing he has a psycho fuck for a father
Chick Magnet 2K1: you know. one day youll have a kid, and youll understand... as of now, youre too young to know any different, so ill let that one slide. now go play little jimmy.
Lancelot Link X: Jimmy? It's Lancelot, you blithering fuckstick
Chick Magnet 2K1: okay. see ya
Lancelot Link X: you would think one would figure that out after they tell you their name A MILLION TIMES
Lancelot Link X: please, play russian roulette again
Lancelot Link X: 3 to 6
Chick Magnet 2K1: okay chuck. hey ill see ya
Lancelot Link X: because morgan is with me, and she'll never "love" you
Lancelot Link X: you're a fucking waste of life
Chick Magnet 2K1: so.
Chick Magnet 2K1: like i care. listen. you go run off to morgan and look like a hero for talking shit. have a good day.
Lancelot Link X: I am a fucking hero
Chick Magnet 2K1: sure you are. i believe it
Lancelot Link X: and I'll be a hero for kicking your ass
Chick Magnet 2K1: i mean, you saved hyrule, and you defeated ganon.
Chick Magnet 2K1: big man you.
Lancelot Link X: Video game insults? You must be a fucking DORK ASS PIZZA BOY
Chick Magnet 2K1: come kick my ass.. get the address from morgan. if she wont give it, ill be glad to.
Chick Magnet 2K1: i make more money that your dad.. fuck off.
Lancelot Link X: yeah, give me your address you stupid fuck. I'll make you shoot your fucking kid
Chick Magnet 2K1: like i said.. ask her for it... if she doesnt give it to you, ill give it to you.
Lancelot Link X: no, I think I'll just get it from you
Chick Magnet 2K1: actually... ill send you a ticket, but youll have to buy the ride home, if you need it.
Lancelot Link X: unless you're a fucking pussy
Chick Magnet 2K1: actually, i dont want my address posted all over a website, so ill pass... get it from morgan.
Chick Magnet 2K1: she has it
Lancelot Link X: ok, I'll do that
Chick Magnet 2K1: you can get my phone number too if you like
Lancelot Link X: sure thing
Lancelot Link X: she threw it away
Lancelot Link X: Super Golf Woman: i threw it away
Super Golf Woman
: i threw everything of his away
Chick Magnet 2K1
: well damn. (yeah right)
Lancelot Link X: so, don't puss out here fuckstick
Chick Magnet 2K1: .
Chick Magnet 2K1: huh?
Lancelot Link X: do you want to kick my ass?
Lancelot Link X: give me your fucking address, and I'll give you the oportunity
Chick Magnet 2K1: dude. i dont want my god damn adress posted fucknuts. leave it alone.
Chick Magnet 2K1: shit. youre a dumb fucker arent you?
Lancelot Link X: ok, then you'll be known as the all talk pussy that didn't have the sack to give me his address
Lancelot Link X: 143 Water Oak Drive?
Lancelot Link X
: Montevallo, AL
Chick Magnet 2K1
: dude.. let me put it to you this way..
Chick Magnet 2K1: if there wasnt a 100% chance that my address would end up on a website, hell yeah id invite you to your ass kicking.
Chick Magnet 2K1: but uhhhh. i think ill pass.
Lancelot Link X: ok then, I'll write you down in the "pussies who won't fight Lancelot Link" list
Chick Magnet 2K1: hahaha. sure. you keep telling yourself that
Lancelot Link X: no, I think I'll make it well known
Chick Magnet 2K1: go ahead.
Chick Magnet 2K1: like i care about you and your circle of internet friendlies.
Lancelot Link X: you do, that's why you didn't block me yet. You will soon though, I'm sure
Chick Magnet 2K1: nope. i dont block people for the most part.
Chick Magnet 2K1: just a few
Lancelot Link X: 3 to 6
Lancelot Link X: do it
Lancelot Link X: I'm begging you
Chick Magnet 2K1: sure chuck. i would if i owned a gun.
Lancelot Link X: I'm not Chuck, genius
Chick Magnet 2K1: sure.
Lancelot Link X: how can I be Chuck when semibadass is online, genius?
Lancelot Link X: it kinda dosen't work like that
Chick Magnet 2K1: i dont see him.. weird
Lancelot Link X: funny, maybe you blocked him?
Chick Magnet 2K1: maybe so.
Lancelot Link X: unblock him, I guaruntee he's on
Chick Magnet 2K1: i cant keep track of all you brainwashed assholes now can i?
Chick Magnet 2K1: i dont give a fuck dude. god damn.
Lancelot Link X: you should try harder
Lancelot Link X: why don't you reconcile with the jade warrior?
Chick Magnet 2K1: reconcile? reconcile what? weve always been friends.
Lancelot Link X: go fuck her hardcore holly ass
Lancelot Link X: leave morgan alone
Chick Magnet 2K1: nope. shes married.. and i told you, for the last time, i dont want to have anything to do with morgan. take a hint fucknuts.
Lancelot Link X: I think you do
Chick Magnet 2K1: okay. whatever
Lancelot Link X: go kill yourself pizzafag
Chick Magnet 2K1: okay. see ya