Chick Magnet 2K1: No really. It's not that I'm bitter. It was just fucked up of her to do something like that. I'm sure you can NOT relate, and I don't know why I'm telling you this. Perhaps cause I know it'll be posted somewhere and people who I don't care to talk to will know. Peace out.
SemiBadAss: wow - there was quite a delay there - take you long to come up with that?
Chick Magnet 2K1: no
Chick Magnet 2K1: just busy.
Chick Magnet 2K1: you have a short memory
SemiBadAss: well zip up and talk to me BACONFAG
Chick Magnet 2K1: Nah. I don't care to talk to you. Why would I need to zip up? You assume too much.
SemiBadAss: well, I'd tell you I love you - but we all know you don't deal with that all too well
Chick Magnet 2K1: good one.
SemiBadAss: I don't need you planning my death
Chick Magnet 2K1: Where do you kids come up with this shit?
SemiBadAss: well Jerry, you eat food - you digest it - and shit is the waste product - basic 4th grade anatony
Chick Magnet 2K1: Well you obviously shit mistruths and fallacy.
Chick Magnet 2K1: that must hurt.
SemiBadAss: not as much as Mexican
SemiBadAss: I'll wait another 15 minutes for your response
Chick Magnet 2K1: response to?
SemiBadAss: well Jerry, I'm all out of beer, I'm going to go shoot some guns now
SemiBadAss: they give firearms to the sane people
Chick Magnet 2K1: Well I'll join you with my glock 9mm
Chick Magnet 2K1: fag. you still assume too much
SemiBadAss: you have a glock?
SemiBadAss: you thug
Chick Magnet 2K1: No. its a really good gun. very accurate.
SemiBadAss: I'll bet you were going to bang bang shoot em upp in Portland
Chick Magnet 2K1: better than a shitty beretta
Chick Magnet 2K1: no... a. I have nobody to kill in Portland, and b. they don't let firearms on planes
SemiBadAss: well Jerry, I'd suggest hiding it in that gaping asshole that Cobb and I have ripped for you
Chick Magnet 2K1: I was not aware
Chick Magnet 2K1: this is coming in the mail in 4 to 6 weeks. damn waiting period.. heh
Chick Magnet 2K1: i bet you didnt know i collect guns huh?
SemiBadAss: is that like because you have a small penis - and that's how you compensate?
Chick Magnet 2K1: no. guns are fun to fire, and they will be valuable, someday. they dont depreciate when you shoot em.
SemiBadAss: well Jerry - that's some scary shit
Chick Magnet 2K1: why?
SemiBadAss: because nutbar pizza faggots like yourself shouldn't be near firearms - that's like letting a nigger housewatch for you on vacation
Chick Magnet 2K1: its just a rifle.. a weak one at that. they are just collectors items. only cops can get em new.. you gotta from used dealers, or at shows.
Chick Magnet 2K1: well you are a nigger chuck. whats that supposed to mean?
SemiBadAss: it means that you should maybe play with one of those guns
Chick Magnet 2K1: I do all the time.
SemiBadAss: like try fun games with them
Chick Magnet 2K1: like what. russian roulette?
SemiBadAss: like "Russian Roulette: the solo version"
Chick Magnet 2K1: done that.. played that game anyhow. i played 2 to 6. (2 bullets in the revolver.) i almost pissed myself, but i guess i got lucky. heh.
SemiBadAss: well, unlucky for us - you can't even kill yourself correctly
Chick Magnet 2K1: g i wish i could get that, but alas, its military only.
Chick Magnet 2K1: chuck.. let me ask you.. seriously if you can manage that.
Chick Magnet 2K1: what bearing do I have on your life that you must be consumed by making fun of me, thinking I give a rats ass?
SemiBadAss: I killed gooks in Nam Jerry, Charlie was all over my jock
SemiBadAss: i shot all of the,
SemiBadAss: them even
Chick Magnet 2K1: i knew serious wasnt in your vocabulary. listen, you need not waste your time any longer. its almost as tired as dale earnhardt. later.
SemiBadAss: well, can you drive head first into a wall like Dale too?
Chick Magnet 2K1: ill keep that in mind.
SemiBadAss: well, if you can't pull off the gun thing
SemiBadAss: ok, I gotta go make up some email accounts so I can keep trying to get Morgan back - I'll talk to you soon *SMOOCHIES*
Chick Magnet 2K1: look. i may have made mistakes in my time. i admit that because im not an asshole, but no mistake in the history of the world compares to the mistake your mother made fucking that toothless motherfucker also known as your daddy in the back of that ford pickup, thus conceiving you.
Chick Magnet 2K1: later, waste of sperm
SemiBadAss: I was placed on the Earth by god Jerry - I wasn't concieved by sexual intercourse
Chick Magnet 2K1: well there is no god. next excuse.
SemiBadAss: of course there is
SemiBadAss: I know him personally - we niggaz
Chick Magnet 2K1: nah, you know what? i have no time for little boys like you trying to give me shit. see ya round. tell your mom i said hi. she will know.
Chick Magnet 2K1 signed off at 4:29:11 AM.