SemiBadAss: CHICK!
SemiBadAss: long time no see!
Chick Magnet 2K1: oh lord
SemiBadAss: How are ya buddy?
Chick Magnet 2K1: Semi.
SemiBadAss: I'm fabulous - no need to ask
Chick Magnet 2K1: I didn't.
SemiBadAss: you were going to
SemiBadAss: it's common courtesy
Chick Magnet 2K1: Well no. Hey I'm busy. See ya.
SemiBadAss: busy planning on stalking Morgan?
Chick Magnet 2K1: Whatever you say man.
SemiBadAss: I MISS YOU
SemiBadAss: PLEASE
Chick Magnet 2K1: Let me ask.... How can I stalk Morgan, with no tickets to get there, or no desire to see her putrid face?
SemiBadAss: GOOD JOB
Chick Magnet 2K1: You haven't been blocked for, say...... 2 weeks?
SemiBadAss: yes I have
Chick Magnet 2K1: I got rid of those fuckers the day I found out about Fairplay
SemiBadAss: you can't bullshit a bullshitter
SemiBadAss: it's wonderful that we can chat like this
Chick Magnet 2K1: Sure. Hey I'm busy, See ya.
SemiBadAss: you said that already
SemiBadAss: you can block me again you know
SemiBadAss: that'd be fun
Chick Magnet 2K1: What would be fun?
SemiBadAss: blocking me again
Chick Magnet 2K1: Nah.
Chick Magnet 2K1: What reason do I have to block anyone?
SemiBadAss: well, I'm not sure - I do know that I was blocked until like 3 minutes ago
SemiBadAss: but it's ok
Chick Magnet 2K1: No you werent.
Chick Magnet 2K1: I see SemiBadAss all the time on my buddy list.
SemiBadAss: I bet
SemiBadAss: just don't think about stalking me - I don't go that way
Chick Magnet 2K1: i bet you don't.
Chick Magnet 2K1: *cough*
SemiBadAss: are you sick?
SemiBadAss: maybe you caught some horrible disease like hair lice
Chick Magnet 2K1: Only if I did go to Portland, but alas, I'm disease free 4-life.
SemiBadAss: that's not nice - you love her
SemiBadAss: you're just bitter
SemiBadAss: maybe you can get her back!
Chick Magnet 2K1: no... no i dont. youve been misimformed... that happens to you alot
Chick Magnet 2K1: informed
SemiBadAss: I can pull a few strings
Chick Magnet 2K1: sure. knock yourself out
SemiBadAss: cool, take care of that cough
Chick Magnet 2K1: ????
SemiBadAss: would you like a lozenge?
Chick Magnet 2K1: i tire of this. ill see ya man
SemiBadAss: are you going to block me again?
Chick Magnet 2K1: no
SemiBadAss: well that's good
SemiBadAss: we're making progress