About a hundred years ago when LI was a wrestling board, an upstart British kid and a handful of crappy writers found a couple of people with some actual writing ability to join them. Soon, these kids were so busy trying to hack Lethal that they had little time for anything else. Enter SEXX GURL x0x0 and a good time was had by... well us as we made an ass out of one of TLC's finest. Luckily for all involved, Rhubarb soon outgrew his need to associate himself with obsessive freaks and came to be a well known and much loved regular at TRL. See, not everybody we mock gets scarred for life.

HG1 - Rhubarb meets the girl of his dreams

HG2 - OHNOS! Rhubarb learns the ugly truth.

HG3 - Scat attack! Rhubarb tries to pin his torrid affair on Lethal's fearless leader.