MellowCobb: WHAT UP SEXY
MellowCobb: RAWRRR
MellowCobb: I heard you were the triple HOTT sex hookup, and wondered if you were interested in a session with me and franny, my mule
Fairplayshow: what do you need
MellowCobb: I need hot animal 3-way sex Jonny
Fairplayshow: go nuts
MellowCobb: and with your toothpick ass, I figure I can fit you in the middle of a Mule sandwich
Fairplayshow: cool
MellowCobb: so you're in
MellowCobb: HEE-YA~!
MellowCobb: As I was saying, I wish I could brag like you about having an indy fed with such talent as BART SAWYER, and FREDDIE BLASSIE, JR~!, and run it out of high school gymnasiums and run like a bitch when the cops come down
MellowCobb: you are the epitome of coolness mr. Fairplay (if that IS your real name, TEE HEE), I salute you, as does my mule
Fairplayshow: i enjoyed my meeting with the cops, even better i have it on tape. it will look great on TV!
MellowCobb: yeah, just remember to put the flyers up at the high schools about it, because usually people tend to stick away from public access, for good reason
Fairplayshow: that's funny i should move my show to public access
MellowCobb: it's a good idea, hijacking the religious channel on thursdays isn't nice, you should just buy your TV time like ordinary folk
Fairplayshow: yeah
MellowCobb: I'm sure that old Frannie Farkles is dissapointed when the "amazing grace hour with Benny Hinn" is interrupted with scenes of several 22 year old pizza boys having fun with garbage cans and suplexes as a second job
Fairplayshow: yeah
MellowCobb: for such a "heel poster", you're quite the non-talkative one. Get Morgan's penis out of your mouth and speak up, captain niggerton
Fairplayshow: yeah
MellowCobb: ok, my mule wants to cyber with you now, is that cool?
Fairplayshow: i was wondering why do you give a fuck about NDW
MellowCobb: Hi ThIs Is FrAnNy ThE MuLe, A/s/L??????
Fairplayshow: we really dont give a fuck about you
i dont mind what you say; frankly i get a chuckle out of it but why do i deserve your heat?

MellowCobb: *UnZiPs YoUr PaNtS aNd Sux Ur DiKK*
Fairplayshow: you will never see my product unless you bought one of my video tapes and if that happens then i win you are MY MARK, so what is your goal here
MellowCobb: I WaNt MuLe SeX
MellowCobb: WiTh YoU
MellowCobb: ThAt Is mY OnLy GoAl
Fairplayshow: just as i thought you have no life
Fairplayshow: really sad if you think about it
MellowCobb: I MaRk OuT FoR HaViNg No LiFe
MellowCobb: Go MuLe
MellowCobb: Go MuLe
MellowCobb: what's funnier is that you stooped to our level and posted as a heel
MellowCobb: so technically, we win
Fairplayshow: that's ok one day you'll cyber with a minor and go to jail but i'll never know because i wont care to find out anything about what happens with your sad little life
Fairplayshow: but have a good night and keep thinking of me
Fairplayshow: xoxoxo
MellowCobb: you lost, we won
MellowCobb: I own you
MellowCobb: you go to BF trying to garner heat, but you forget that you and your 2xzone friends are inferior
Fairplayshow: ok
Fairplayshow: i care so much about your little web world
MellowCobb: ok, as long as you admit that
Fairplayshow: trust me little man REAL WORLD RULES
MellowCobb: I 2tally know!!!
MellowCobb: I love puck
MellowCobb: he made that girl rachel's life hell
MellowCobb: and pedro was in the corner sucking your black dick, all screaming HEY PAAACK, why are you so mean?
MellowCobb: and then you gave him AIDS and he died....nice job, killed pedro
Fairplayshow: your next
Fairplayshow: just like the goldberg shirt
MellowCobb: awesome, I can't wait tiger
MellowCobb: I'll let you assfuck me, hell you can jack me off and call me Morgan if you want, so it'll be like in Portland
Fairplayshow: alright i gotta split have fun with Magic The Card Game
Fairplayshow signed off at 12:25:30 AM.